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As a vacation paradise, Thailand has the advantages of many routes, low prices, awesome food, and beautiful beaches. Not only that, but Thailand also has many festivals. One of the most famous is the Water Festival. Every year in April, when the rest of the world is still cool, Thailand is in the midst of a water-throwing war with hot weather. If you want to experience Thailand's festival atmosphere, then Water Festival is one of your best choices in terms of scale and fun. And here is everything you need to know before planning your trip.

Songkran, also known as the Water Festival, represents the coming of the New Year in Thailand. It has the symbolic significance of welcoming a new year, eliminating disasters, and praying for blessings. During these days, everyone can splash water together, whether they know each other or not, representing that all bad luck will be washed away by water. Besides splashing water, there will be various exciting activities such as releasing animals, singing and dancing performances, etc.

The Water Festival in Thailand is celebrated for three consecutive days from April 13 to 15 every year. It begins on April 13, called Songkran or New Year's Eve. April 14 is named Wan Klang or Wan Nao, and April 15 is called Wan Taleung.

Songkran Water FestivalSongkran Water Festival

There are two legends about the origin of the Water Festival in Thailand. It is said that the Water Festival originated from a Hindu Brahminical ritual. Every year, there is a religious day when the believers go to the river to bathe and wash away their sins. For those who cannot go to the river due to old age or disability, their family members or close friends are required to carry water back for them and pour water on them to wash away their sins.

Another is derived from a myth. A few days before Songkran, the god descend to earth each year. Sometimes, he holds a weapon, sometimes a torch, and sometimes a kettle in his hand. People rely on these weapons, torches, and kettles to predict the year's grain harvest. The weapons foretold war, the torches foretold drought, and the kettles foretold abundant rain. When the Brahmin priest announced the prediction of the year's harvest, the people began to pour water, indicating that they would help the sky to send rain.

This is a festival that has nothing to do with national boundaries, beliefs, and ethnic colors. The streets and alleys of Thailand will be immersed in the carnival of the Water Festival. If you choose to travel to Thailand in April, don't expect to be an elegant tourist and get away with it. All you need to do is enjoy it, and the following three places couldn't be more appropriate.


Bangkok is the capital and largest city of Thailand. Here, everyone can enjoy a drink while having a good time.

Khaosan Road is the craziest place in Bangkok during the annual Songkran Festival! This can be your first choice, and the equipment for splashing water is particularly rich. In addition to all kinds of splashing equipment, there is super cool ice water. You don't need to worry about catching a cold because the Songkran Festival is the hottest period in Thailand. When the cool water spills on you, you will feel very cool and comfortable. Music stages will also be set up, and bars and restaurants will also join the carnival team.

And Silom Road is another main battlefield of Bangkok's busiest Water Festival. Adults and children "attacked" each other with all kinds of water-splashing equipment, and the scene was very lively. It is also one of the gathering places of Bangkok cuisine, where you can enjoy all kinds of Thai specialties while splashing water happily! Drinks are indispensable in the heat of summer. The passionate Water-splashing Festival is perfect with ice-cold juice smoothies. You can order a mango smoothie or lemon smoothie, which can feel the deliciousness of fresh fruits. It will surely make you feel the incomparable refreshment.

Khaosan Road, BangkokKhaosan Road, Bangkok

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the places where the traditional atmosphere of the Thai Water Festival event is the strongest. If you want to go and experience the essence of the Thai Water Festival, Chiang Mai is the first choice for tourists. This is because Chiang Mai retains many traditional ceremonies of celebration. For example, the New Year blessing ceremony and a series of other activities. In particular, the Prapeni Pi Mai Mueang (A New Year's Blessing Ceremony) takes place in the city, and the highlight of this ceremony is that the local people invite the Buddha statues from famous temples to pray for the people, as well as the sand piling at the temples.

In addition, the atmosphere of the road in the moat section is also very intense. Because there is a moat next to the road, the water gun "ammunition" is sufficient. Even sitting in the car can't avoid getting wet, so if you want to have a splashing experience from head to toe, don't miss this opportunity.

If you are a pop music lover, then you should definitely go to Huaykaew Road. There are four or five huge stages there every year, and the popular rock bands and pop bands in Thailand will perform live there. Coupled with DJ appearances, it can be said that the atmosphere never goes down.

Tourists Are Enjoying the SongkranTourists Are Enjoying the Songkran


Given the unique geographical conditions of Phuket, it can be called the "Water Festival by the Sea". Visitors can splash water on the beach, laughing and joking, with the sound of the waves and laughter.

The Water Festival in Patong Bar Street is also very wild. The local people here have turned the Water Festival into a "world war". At the entrance of street shops, buckets are filled with "fighting" water, and even more, ice water will be added. That kind of coldness is enough to make you shiver in the heat of Phuket! Here you can get high from day to night.

When the sunset fell to the sea level, tourists began to gather slowly on the beach, where the summer heat subsided. Soldiers with water guns moved from Bar Street to the beach in Patong. Every year, the Songkran on the Beach is held in Phuket. Although the scale of the music festival is not as good as that of electronic syllables in Bangkok, the atmosphere is still very good. At the cool seaside, local people and tourists swayed with the rhythm under the encouragement of the singer!


1. Leave valuables at the hotel, and don't take too much cash

Crowded places should be wary of thieves and fear of bad guys stealing things, especially the waterproof bag hanging on the neck. It is easy to be bad guys. So don't take too much cash with you, and just bring enough for the day. When you buy water-splashing equipment, you must pay attention to the size. The Thai government strictly prohibits participants from using water guns with strong spraying power and any tools that can cause accidents.

2. Prepare waterproofs in advance

This Festival is full of water everywhere, and your personal belongings must be prepared to waterproof. Waterproof cases for cell phones and cameras can avoid damage to electronic items in the water wars. It is also a wise choice to carry cameras with waterproof features, such as Go Pro, to travel during the Water Festival.

3. Wear quick-drying clothes, sneakers, or waterproof shoes

It is best to wear quick-drying and lightweight clothing to take part in the Water Festival. To prevent catching a cold, you’d better take an extra set of clothes. After the party is over, remember to change in time. In addition, cold and gastrointestinal medicines are also essential. As you may need to run during the water fights, and the road will be slippery, you'd better wear comfortable sneakers or waterproof shoes.

Wear Comfortable Clothes to Attend the Water FestivalWear Comfortable Clothes to Attend the Water Festival

4. Do not throw water on these people

When participating in water splashing celebrations, please do not splash water on the elderly, pregnant women, infants, and special people such as police officers and camera reporters on duty.

5. Don't throw ice, icy or dirty water, or use high-pressure water guns

According to Thai police regulations, it is strictly forbidden to use unhygienic water sources such as dirty water or to participate in the water splashing with hot water or ice, and do not use high-pressure water guns to participate in the water splashing.

6. Avoid the crazy areas if you travel with young kids

Some areas, like Silom and Khaosan Road, might be excessively chaotic if you bring small children. It's not easy for you to watch your kids and make sure they don't get wet. To enjoy the festival with your kids, it is recommended to bring a water hose and buckets to a park or garden that is less crowded.

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