10 Best Things to Do in India

India is located in Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. It has diverse geology, including upland plain in the south, deserts in the west, flat to rolling plains along the Ganges river, and the Himalayas in the north. India is so diverse, so it can probably be quite a culture shock for first-time visitors. Here are the top 10 things you could do during your trip to India.

The Taj Mahal, a massive white mausoleum, is widely known as the most iconic building in India. The Ivory mausoleum is located on the banks of the Yamuna River in the Agra district. It was built in 1632 by a team committed by Shah Japan, who reigned from 1628 to 1658. The Taj Mahal was not built for reigning but as a tomb for his wife. While this seems to be extraordinary by today's standards, it's quite interesting to see that ancient people used to design and build such splendid architecture as a way to show their love.

The tomb is a centerpiece of a 42-acre complex, and the Taj Mahal is situated on the northern side of the complex. The inner chamber was decorated with precious and elaborate stones. You can observe the Taj Mahal from many angles, and every angle will bring you stunning and fantastic scenery of the whole building. There are also a mosque and some formal gardens that are bounded on the three sides. So there are quite a lot of cool things here to visit and experience. It is an enjoyable and unique place for you to peruse and explore.

What you need to know is that the Taj Mahal is always crowded with visitors. The best time to visit the Taj Mahal is supposed to be in October or during the spring when the weather is not too hot to tolerate.

Taj Mahal in AgraTaj Mahal in Agra

Tiger safari is one of the top things that a tourist should do in India. More than 70% of the world's remaining tigers are founded and habited in India. It is the only country in the world that is home to tigers, Asian lions, snow leopards, and Indian leopards, also known as the four big cats in the wild. Witnessing the big majestic cats in their natural habitat could be an unforgettable experience, and there are a lot of national parks to choose from. A tiger safari tour in Bandhavgarh, also known as the "Land of the Tiger", can offer you a full picture of tigers and their daily routine.

Ranthambore National Park is one of the most famous parks in India, where you can not only view the royal Bengal tiger personally but also witness some elements of its behavior that you may not see anywhere else. There are also ancient ruins, plateaus, hills, rivers, and lakes, which are free to enjoy. When you follow the trails of the ochre-tinged tiger across Ranthambore, your sense of amazement and thrill will be raised.

The best time for a Tiger Safari in India is from mid-October to June, which is the period that most national parks are open. As the weather is cooler at that time, the Tiger Safari traveling will be far more comfortable.

Tiger SafariTiger Safari

The splendid and spectacular Himalayan China is one of the world's most popular international spectacles as well as travel spots, with numerous interesting outdoor activities awaiting to be explored. The Himalayas is not just a type of mountain resort but also a village where over 40 million people live. You can also experience their vibrant and diverse culture.

Water rafting is exactly what is on your must-do list if you are selecting outdoor activities around the Himalayas. There are a lot of gorges emerging from the top of the mountains in the Himalayas. The upper stream of River Ganga is a nice place to take an adventure. You can also do a trek or go biking in the Himalayas. There are several enchanting routes for adventure biking or trekking. If you are keen on adventure, you can not miss a Bungee jumping at Rishikesh. After a whole day's exploration, you can have a nice spa at their spa centers or hotels.

The best time to visit the Himalayas depends on what activities you will have. June to August is supposed to be the best time for outdoor activities like bungee jumping and water rafting. But winter and early spring are considered the best time for a trek or a cycling trip. Do prepare heavy clothes if you are going to high altitudes.

Houseboat cruising in Kerala is listed as the most popular attraction and thing to experience. Houseboats in Kerala, also known as Kettuvallams traditionally, were the main means of transportation of goods between villages. But now, when modern transport methods are spread, the bamboo-and-wooden-made houseboat gradually becomes a unique activity in tourism.

Cruise through the backwaters of Kerala offers you a cool breeze over the stream, colorful bird spot, and tranquil scenery in Kerala. There are houseboats according to your budget and your expectation. One houseboat is available in all sizes with a choice of a number of rooms, a kitchenette, a deck, a restroom, an open lounge, and more. An oarsman, a cook, and a guide will accompany you.

The beaches of Goa, also known as the sunshine state of India, are popular for their beauty and their unique seascape. There is warm winter weather, whispering palms, delicious food, and friendly people in this sun-kissed strip of India. Plenty of beaches there offer you a stunning experience of beach culture. You can enjoy a sunbath at Anjuna Beach, where cool music plays during sunset, and epic parties come once darkness sets in. More activities, including parasailing, skiing, paragliding, and water surfing, are available at this beach.

If you prefer a more tranquil and less crowded environment, then you must not miss Baga Beach. This beach is a bit serene and offers you a vast array of hotels and restaurants with a fantastically vibrant and cozy aura. You can also attempt some adrenaline-pumping activities during late October, including speed boating, dolphin cruises, and epic watersports.

The best time to enjoy the scenery of Goa is from November to February. It is the time when the weather is ideal for visiting and relaxing on the splendid beaches. The temperature ranges from around 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, and it is also the peak tourism season in Goa.

Beaches of GoaBeaches of Goa

Ellora Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the largest ancient rock-cut cave temples around the world. Located in north India, Ellora Caves serves as a reminder of Indian history and cultural harmony. There are rock-cut cave network, unique paintings and sculptures, and numerous temples and prayer halls. Here you can check out the beautiful carving and wall paintings by some of the best artists at that time, observe the ingenious architectural work by ancient craftsmen, and visit the Kailash Temple, which is famed as the world's biggest monolithic sculpture.

The specular man-made scenery needs you to explore with your feet, so do pay attention to the weather and avoid visiting in summer when it is hot and uncomfortable. July to March is considered the best time to travel and explore this one of best temple in India, which allows you to completely enjoy your stay without being disturbed by the weather.

10 Best Things to Do in India
Houseboat of Kerala

Jaipur, known as the Pink City of Rajasthan, is the most colorful city in India. It is a mixture of Indian traditional culture and modern experiences. As the first planned city of India, Jaipur was planned to design in pink color, which signs for hospitality. It has its own vibes and flavors, which brings a completely different exposure to perfectionism. There are forts, museums, monuments, restaurants, shopping malls, and many more things.

There are many architectures that you cannot miss in Jaipur. Hawa Mahal is the perfect mixture of Rajput and Mughal Architecture, which was built for royal women to enjoy festivals and events. Jal Mahal, also known as the water palace in Jaipur, is like a dreamlike and breathtaking scenery. Amer fort is another famous fort and palace to visit, and the ancient history of India flows in your visit. Local specialties like leheriya dupattas and sarees or dye clothing and traditional tie can be easily purchased in Chaura Rasta and Bapu Baar.

The best time to visit Jaipur is winter, from October to March when the humidity will be less and sightseeing will be at ease. All the attractions will be at prime beauty, and the tourist spots will be crowded during this season.

Pink City of JaipurPink City of Jaipur

Traditional Indian dance is considered a discipline and a way to devote yourself to God and nature through art. There are many kinds of dances coming from every state in the country, but only six forms of classical dances are recognized by the Indian government on a national level. You can enjoy Bharatnatyam in the southern region of the country and enjoy Kathak which originates from the northern part of India.

The National Center For Performing Arts (NCPA) is the country's largest performing arts center, where a lot of performances are available for you to select from. There are also other auditoriums, such as Ravindra Natya Mandir, Ninal Center for Performing Arts, Sivaswamy Auditorium, etc.

A local cooking class in India can be a fun and informative way to learn and experience Indian cooking. Most cooking classes are arranged in the homes of the local families, which have detailed knowledge of the local cuisines, and ingredients and help you learn the most about Indian food in the shortest amount of time. You are expected to learn a multi-course meal comprising the main course, desserts, snacks, and drinks in just a few hours. There are lots of home cooking classes, and online booking websites are convenient for visitors to learn more details and choose the most appropriate one.

A walk through the chaotic Old Delhi is one of the most popular things to consider doing on your visit to India. The chaotic Old Delhi is the oldest area of Delhi. There is a tangle of ancient streets and alleyways filled with all kinds of shops and packed with crowded people. This is the place with chaos and mayhem. Though the traditional local Indian scenery is attractive, do pay attention to your health and travel with a mask.

India is one of the most popular destinations for holidays. Explore India with Odynovo and enjoy your pure vacation with our throughout researching and handling for your trip. We can make custom tour schedules for you and take care of everything.

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