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Every year, over 15,000+ travelers worldwide book private tours with us and enjoy their dream vacations, through our expertise in designing travel itinerary, meticulousness to carry out each plan, attention to details, and 24/7 backup. Many of the travelers are repeat customers like our old friends; and we always have new friends joining us constantly, some of them are referred by people around them. Take a look at what our clients say about us and gain a peek into what a trip with Odynovo will be like!

Odynovo was transformed from My Odyssey Tours in May, 2018, thus the reviews shown on this page may mention the old brand name "Odyssey". Although the brand name was changed, Odynovo sticks to the same high service standard as Odyssey does, and will continue to offer delightful and memorable travel experiences to our customers.

  • George’s Lifetime Friendship with Odyssey

    George’s Lifetime Friendship with Odyssey

    I almost fell from the chair with gratefulness when I received an email from my travel consultant, Joyce Chen, telling me they had found Mr. Kan's email address and phone number," said George. The two old friends were finally able to hold their hands after 25 years, and George spent a whole day with Mr. Kan and his family to memorialize the old days. "Since then, Michael instantly became a Chinese hero to me," said George, "He had demonstrated that Odyssey could even handle the most outlandish requests.

    - George Eifler, USA

  • Magical Wedding in Incredible India

    Magical Wedding in Incredible India

    "It was the most magical and fantastic event!" Terah answered when asked what she thought about a wedding, "The guides, driver, and the lovely people at the temple made this special day absolutely the best day of my life. Having no idea what to expect, we were both so happy that it went so well."

    - Terah Poehm & Richard Bretherton, USA

  • Travel Solo Never Means Travel Alone

    Travel Solo Never Means Travel Alone

    "Solo travel is a wonderful adventure. It's an opportunity to not only learn about the places you visit but more importantly, it's an opportunity to learn about yourself. I can't wait to take another solo trip with Odyssey!"
    Now, if you ask again the question "will she stop discovering?", the answer is definitely no! She will keep traveling the world and enjoy every minute of it.

    - Michelle Balan, Canada

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