Forest Wu, Odynovo Travel Expert

After graduating, I was fortunate enough to work as an interpreter in Ghana, an incredible country in western Africa. Living in such an exotic land was a fascinating experience, and I learned so much from the locals. Their positive attitude towards life, despite being poor, was especially impressive. Upon returning home, I became a tour guide and consultant. I tailored trips for guests from the US, UK, Australia, and other western countries, showcasing the best of culture, history, and nature. Many customers found their trips to be enjoyable and memorable. As we got to know each other during the tours, we became friends, and many of those friendships have endured.

Over the years, I have discovered joy and fulfillment in traveling and helping others to do the same. As a result, I have decided to continue in this field, hoping to create happy and stress-free trips for people around the world.

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