How to Explore Jordan in 7 Days?

Jordan, located on the Arabian Peninsula in western Asia, is known as "the museum in the desert". Jordan, which connects the continents of Europe and Asia, has a history that dates back more than three thousand years, leaving behind numerous priceless historical relics on this land, such as the ancient city of Petra and Roman Amphitheaters. In addition, Jordan also has many natural beauties, such as the rosy desert of Wadi Rum resembling the surface of the moon, the city of mosaic with archaic mosaic works, and white beaches near the Red Sea.

As a developed country in the Middle East, Jordan is small in size but has an abundance of attractions that are worth exploring, so it is proper to say that Jordan is a small but delicate country. This article will give you some ideas about where you can go and what you can do during your 7-day Jordan tour.

In only 7 days, it's recommended the following cities in your tour itinerary, including the most popular attractions in Jordan, so that you can experience the best of this nation and fall in love with it.


Petra, located in the desert of southern Jordan, is known as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Located in the hidden Siq canyon, Petra has most of its buildings carved into the huge rock wall.

The ancient city of Petra goes through 12 kilometers long. It is recommended to spend one day here.

To enter Petra, you first need to pass through the Siq Canyon, which winds like a snake through the mountains. Then, the Treasury, Khazneh, comes into your sight, which is the ancient treasure house of empires. Khazneh was also a film location in "Treasure Raiders," used as the mysterious place for the storage of the Holy Grail. This magnificent two-story building was amazingly carved out of a huge wall of rock, with each floor supported by six grand columns. The wall is decorated with vivid statues and intricate patterns. Under the sunset, this magnificent, rosy palace shines brightly. It is hard to imagine that such a large palace was dug by people 2,000 years ago. Petra is one of the best place to take photos in Jordan. If you want to take a perfect picture of Khazneh, you can go to the opposite rock. If you like taking photos for yourself, then wear an exotic costume, and the magnificent Khazneh will be the best backdrop for your photos.

The Ancient City of PetraThe Ancient City of Petra


Amman, Jordan's capital, has a history that dates back more than 3000 years. Here you can experience the local scenery and customs and visit some precious ancient cities of Roman architectural style.

Amman is built on seven hills. Walking along the streets between the hills, you will see white houses on both sides, densely arrayed on the hills and extending into the distance to form a spectacular view. Keep going up the winding street, and finally, you come to the Citadel, the ancient relic on the top of Amman's hills. The original appearance of Citadel City can hardly be seen. The most distinctive things are the towering pillars, which have been standing upright for thousands of years.

Standing In Citadel, you can enjoy a panorama of Amman's old city, and it will be much more beautiful under the golden sunset. When looking down, you will also see an ancient Roman amphitheater surrounded by residential houses, leaving a historic tinge to this busy area.

It's a good idea to go out and see the charming nightlife of Amman if you don't want to stay in the hotel in the evening. Strolling down the cozy Rainbow Street, you'll see exquisite cafes with colorful lanterns hanging above. Then you can order a cup of coffee and chat with friends to the haunting melody of local singers.



Located in the desert 40 kilometers north of Amman, Jerash is a well-preserved ancient relic of Roman architectural style.

Here you can see the Roman theater, the ruins of temples, and the towering stone columns.

More than 2000 years ago, the ancient Roman Empire established Jerash in Jordan. Built entirely of stone, this city includes some weathered pillars, the temple of Zeus, the temple of Artemis, and so on. Despite its worn, mottled appearance, the overall magnificent structure reveals its former brilliance as an important Roman city. The most striking part is the grand Roman Amphitheatre with a huge semi-circular grandstand that can accommodate over 3000 people. Local performances in the theater are held occasionally. Grab a seat anywhere on the grandstand and watch the performances on the stage, and images of history seem to overlap at this moment. You can imagine that people thousands of years ago were also watching lively plays here.


The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is high in salt, so people can lie on the water without sinking, which is a great attraction in Jordan. You must not miss this interest when you come to Jordan.

The Dead Sea is not far from Amman, and you can go there by car. This blue body of water has landscapes that are similar to other beaches. The difference is that you can lie on it and enjoy being held up by soft water. Many resorts here will provide processed mud from the Dead Sea. Try to polish the mud all over your body, which may make you look like a black seal. But what's more important is that this kind of mud has beautiful effects.

After bathing in the Dead Sea, you need to wash your body with fresh water. There are many cozy hotels near the Dead Sea that provide showers, massages, and other services. It's a good choice to spend a leisurely, comfortable night there.

Dead SeaDead Sea

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum, located in southern Jordan, is a desert with splendid scenery resembling the moon's surface.

In the endless, golden desert of Wadi Rum, you can see a lot of rugged hills formed by the weathering of the wind over the years. Resembling the surface of the moon, Wadi Rum is also known as the Moon Valley, thus drawing many famous films to seek locations here, such as the Mars Rescue. The most beautiful scenery of Wadi Rum is at night when the fiery clouds along the sky stretch to meet the boundless, rosy desert.

Take a jeep car through the entire desert and enjoy galloping on soft sand, with grotesque rocks and continuous dunes flashing before your eyes as if you were on the real Mars.

At nightfall, gather with people from all over the world in front of tents, chat freely, and have a barbecue. What a joyous moment it is! Late at night, sit in the desert to see bright stars flowing like a stream in the sky, as if you could touch them with your hands.

Wadi RumWadi Rum


Madaba is an ancient town nearly 30 kilometers southwest of Amman. As Jordan's first Christian city, it has the highest concentration of Christians. Madaba is also the city of mosaic art with abundant ancient mosaic works, the most famous of which is the map of the Middle East on the ground of St. George's Church. Completed in 560 A.D., this huge mosaic depicts in detail ancient cities like Jerusalem and Alexandria at that time, as well as the surrounding rivers and oceans.

In addition, there are many churches and museums in Madagascar, all of which contain a lot of exquisite mosaic works. Some of them depict scenes from ancient Greek plays; others display vivid animals and plants.

Mosaic handicraft shops can be found easily on the streets of Madaba. If you like this colorful gadget, you can buy some as souvenirs.

Mt. Nebo

In 10 kilometers north of Madaba stands Mt. Nebo. According to the Bible, Moses, one of the founders of Christianity, spent his last days here and then flew to heaven. It is a shrine worth visiting for Christians.

The most striking sight on the top of Mt. Nebo is a serpentine cross, which is the symbol of Moses. In addition, there are several churches built in the 4th century that contain various mosaic paintings, depicting scenes of hunting, farming, and other activities. From the top of Mt. Nebo, you can overlook the gleaming Dead Sea and Jordan River, and even see the shrine of Jerusalem if the weather is good.

Mt. NeboMt. Nebo

In addition to those most popular locations, Jordan has other places with different, amazing landscapes. They can be freely chosen according to personal preferences if time is allowed.


Aqaba is a city on the coast of the Red Sea. The water here is purely blue, and the climate is much warmer than that of northern Jordan. Walking along the breathtaking coastline of the Red Sea, you'll be treated with a splendid seaside view of white beaches, mild breeze, and genial sunshine. If you like to have more exciting activities, take a cruise ship out to the Red Sea and go diving to see colorful fish, corals, and even big turtles.

Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib is a natural canyon with water where you can experience the Wadi Mujib Siq Trail. Those who love outdoor activities must not miss this surprise Jordan. Here you can have interesting rock climbing and walk along the trail in the choppy water. When you go through the trail, don't forget to look up to see a unique landscape: a strip of blue sky is revealed in the towering red rocks on both sides. The water in the canyon is quite cool in the summer, which usually forms a pool that allows people to swim in the rainy season.

Umm Qais

Located in the mountains of northwest Jordan, Umm Qais is the archeological site of the ancient Gadara. This is a city built of black and yellow stones originally by the ancient Greeks, with archaic theaters, churches, vaulted terraces, and other well-preserved buildings. Walking among these ancient buildings, you can imagine what a glorious ancient Greek city it was. Then, enjoy lunch at Umm Qais Rest House, where you can overlook the lush greenery of the Golan Heights and the glittering Lake Galilee.

Despite being a small country, Jordan has unexpected and charming landscapes. From classic Roman-style buildings, the ancient city of Petra with a long history, to the rosy desert with a beautiful sunset, and the delightful Dead Sea resorts... Whether you are fond of historical relics or a fan of natural beauties, there will be landscapes and activities you like here. If you're ready to plan a one-week trip to Jordan, please feel free to contact us, and one of our experienced travel experts will customize a hassle-free trip for you within 24hrs.

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