10 Most Famous Fireworks Festivals in Japan 2024

When it comes to Japan, it appears that Mount Fuji, the Tokyo Tower, the tea ceremony, and sushi are all iconic. Japan is unarguably renowned for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The land has a long tradition of celebration and continues to have vibrant festivals. Whether traditional ritual ceremonies or modern energetic events, the festivals have enjoyment and relaxation to offer. One of the most spectacular events that Japan hosts is its fireworks festivals, also known as Hanabi Festivals. These celebrations feature a spectacular fireworks show that lights up the night sky and creates a truly fantastic atmosphere. Now we recommend the top ten fireworks festivals in Japan and you can experience one of them during your trip to Japan.

Schedule of the Most Famous Firework Festivals

Note: Tickets for most of the Fireworks Festivals go on sale at the beginning of May, so it is a good idea to book your Japan tour as early as possible.

Kamakura Fireworks FestivalJuly 15rd, 2023
Sumidagawa River Fireworks FestivalJuly 29th, 2023
Nagaoka Fireworks FestivalAugust 2nd, 2023
Edogawa Fireworks FestivalAugust 5th, 2023
Yodo River Fireworks FestivalAugust 5th, 2023
Lake Suwa Fireworks FestivalAugust 15th, 2023
Kumano Fireworks FestivalAugust 17th, 2023
Omagari Fireworks FestivalAugust 26th, 2023
Miyajima Fireworks FestivalAugust 27th, 2023
Tsuchiura Fireworks FestivalOctober 28th, 2023

Miyajima Fireworks Festival is held off the coast of Miyajima annually in late August. The special site gives the display an unimaginable charm for fireworks lovers. You can enjoy a wonderful view of nearly 5,000 spectacular fireworks reflecting off the water, while the torii gate stands amid the backdrop of the explosions. The display usually lasts for one full hour. You can watch the show along the seaside areas, but they will be crowded. It's better to book a nearby hotel in advance to get a different sight or shoot a panoramic light show from the mainland of Hatsukaichi or Hiroshima. Additionally, Miyajima is an iconic cultural destination for the ancient structures and tranquility that form another of its charms.

Starting in 1733, the Sumidagawa River Fireworks Festival has continued for 290 years. The old festival is one of the most spectacular fireworks celebrations in Japan. The firework show takes place annually on the last Saturday of July. The display begins at 7 p.m. and lasts for 90 minutes. The celebration attracts great attention from more than one million visitors around the world every year. During the display, about 20,000 magnificent fireworks created by experienced, trained artisans will illuminate the night skies along the Sumida River. The illuminated Tokyo Skytree, one of Japan's most iconic landmarks, is a spectacular sight to behold along the Sumida River. The spot will be filled with crowds by then, so there is a need to reach it as early as possible. After the display, you can stroll around the Asakusa streets and Sensoji Temple, trying delicious street food. The Sumidagawa River Fireworks Festival can be a brilliant part of your trip to Tokyo in July and a special way to experience the culture of the city.

The Edogawa Fireworks Festival is another fascinating event held in Tokyo. Every year on the first Saturday of August, the festival takes place on the Edogawa riverbanks. There are a total of about 14000 amazing fireworks, each with their own beautiful designs that glut visitors' eyes. The opening sequence begins with 1,000 fireworks fired continuously in 5 seconds. The celebration features eight different themes, each of which is accompanied by unique background music. You can have a view of the Tokyo skyline against the backdrop of incredibly dazzling light. The fireworks show gives you a great opportunity to take an awesome picture as your screen saver.

Fireworks set off from the ground may be attractive, but some displayed on top of the ocean can be more stunning. The Kamakura Fireworks Festival is one of Japan's most exciting on-the-sea festivals, drawing in both locals and international visitors in large numbers every year. Though smaller than other fireworks festivals held in other cities in Japan, the fireworks display in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, has its unique attraction with a scenic seaside backdrop and a relatively gentle atmosphere. It is celebrated on Yuigahama Beach in mid-July 2023. The show lasts nearly one hour, with 4000 fireworks set off in different designs and sizes. A fascinating part of the show is the "underwater fireworks", which burst like flowers in full bloom in the water. In the daytime, before the fireworks display, it's a relaxing experience to visit Kamakura's historical sites, like some world-famous temples and shrines, and bathe in the summer breeze at the beach.

Lake Suwa Fireworks Festival first began in 1949, several years after Japan's defeat in World War II. The festival is held to encourage people to recover from an overwhelming sense of loss. It falls annually in mid-August with a massive display of 40,000 fireworks. Niagara and the Kiss of Fire are two breathtaking parts of the fireworks exhibition. Niagara Falls is known for spectacular fireworks that stretch for 2 kilometers and are launched into the air at the same time. The Kiss of Fire features underwater fireworks that are set off near the water's surface. As the enormous fireworks boom in the sky, you may find the lake's surface acts as a mirror, looking like gigantic, colorful flowers growing on the lake. If you have watched the famous Japanese anime film Your Name, you may feel like stepping into the movie scene. Lake Suwa Fireworks Festival may offer an experience you won't find anyplace else.

Also known as Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks, the festival is now one of the biggest events in Osaka. It is said to have been carried forward by local volunteers in 1989 and has a tradition of over 30 years. This grand summer occasion lived up to expectations among Kansai locals and Osaka visitors. The massive display attracts around 500,000 viewers on the first Saturday of August every year. You'll be astounded by a volley of stunningly gorgeous fireworks created by professional craftsmen that illuminate the dark skies. The exhibition is performed on the banks of the Yodo River. The skyline of the great bulk of the building beneath the display makes it an imaginative picture favored by photographers. Allowing for crowded visitors, you'd better reach the display area well before 6 p.m., and the front-row seats are available for a better spectacular perspective. Also, the moving locals clad in Yukatas and sausage vendors have something enjoyable to offer.

The Tsuchiura Fireworks Festival, hosted in southern Ibaraki Prefecture, is seen as a surprisingly distinctive fireworks celebration in Japan. Tsuchiura Fireworks Display has been a top competition of history and tradition in Tsuchiura, despite being less well-known than fireworks festivals in other cities. It was originated to remember members of the Kasumigaura Naval Air Force who died in the war, and the competition was initiated by the deceased Mr. Giichi Kitajima, a pyrotechnist in Tsuchiura. Held regularly at the end of October, the fourth Saturday. the competition includes Starmines, Size 10 shells, and original displays. The highlight of the nighttime display is its fireworks, combined with cutting-edge technology and dramatic designs. Meanwhile, in just 6 minutes, 2000 fireworks, or wide starmines, and 2000 shells are flashed. Before enjoying this truly stunning fireworks show, you can visit this small town, having a nice walk along the banks of the Sakuragawa River.

Another must-see event in Japan is the Nagaoka Fireworks Festival. It started in 1946 and is held in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. The festival is regarded as a symbol of the Niigata people's recovery after the 2004 Niigata Earthquake and has taken place so far to mourn the earthquake victims. With a particular stretch of fireworks, the festival attracts over one million spectators from all over the world each year. From August 2nd to 3rd, there are a variety of events as a special treat for spectators. Fireworks in the shapes of falls, chrysanthemums, and volcanoes flood the sky with vivid colors, and thunderous booms will reverberate in your chest. The greatest fascination is the grand finale to the display. Over 20,000 phoenix-shaped fireworks that span around 2 kilometers in length paint the skies colorful. As the riverbanks fill up quickly for this event, it is recommended to arrive a few hours before the celebration begins to get a good viewing area. Aside from a massive, dazzling display of fireworks along the banks of the Shinano River, you can enjoy moving shrine float parades and traditional dances in nearby town.

Tracing its roots back to around 1723, the Kumano Fireworks Festival has become a somewhat anticipated summer event by the community and spectators overseas. The festival's focus is the magical fireworks display at the Kumano-nada Sea. Every year on August 17, the Kumano-nada seaside swarms with thousands of expectant visitors. The sea exhibition consists of over 10,000 self-exploding Onigajo fireworks. The highlights of the display are the pyrotechnic fireworks launched from the two ships into the night sky with dazzling designs and gorgeous colors, as well as a thrilling booming sound. The dreamlike seascape is an excellent backdrop for the brightly colored fireworks, making the exhibition a unique fascination. You can immerse yourself in this two-hour magnificent show from Shichirigahama Beach. However, if you want to ensure a superb view, remember to reserve seating in advance.

The Omagari Fireworks Festival, also known as the Omagari Fireworks Competition, is regarded as one of the best fireworks displays in Japan. Held along the Omono River in Daisen city, Akita Prefecture, the festival has attracted a large number of visitors from Japan and even the rest of the world since 1910. There is no fixed date for the festival, which usually falls in late August. The Omagari Fireworks Festival is well-known for its daytime show and evening fireworks display. From day to night, many groups of top-notch teams were invited to participate in the event, launching thousands of rockets into the sky. You can see a wide range of smoke coloring the sky in the daytime. The fireworks at night are the highlight of the festival. The skies above Daisen are ablaze with a massive display of spectacular fireworks that will take you by surprise. The location during the festival may be overcrowded with more than ten thousand visitors, so it's advisable to get paid seats in advance.

Have you gravitated to the magnificent fireworks shows mentioned above? These festivals are not just about fireworks but also about food, music, and traditional Japanese culture. If you plan a trip to Japan during the summer months, add these top fireworks festivals to your itinerary. However, deciding which fireworks festival to attend may be difficult. It is a good idea to take your trip to Odynovo. We will provide full details about Japanese fireworks festivals and give you a tailor-made itinerary according to your preferences, ensuring you'll have a satisfying firsthand experience during these gorgeous fireworks displays.

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