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If any colors can represent Japan, then pink might be one of them. Starting the Japan tour with this lovely soft color would also be a good attempt.

Spring is the season for cherry blossoms from south to north, blush to rouge, as well as the best time for wagashi tasting in sakura flavor, which is easy to find in Tokyo. Then there is the carnation kimono, which really matches the Nijo Castles and Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, or the bright peach yukata, usually worn at a summer festival such as the famous Daimonji festival in Kyoto.

As for the sushi topped with pale pink flesh like tuna, salmon, and roe, or the octopus inside the takoyaki, Osaka's gourmet cuisine will never disappoint. And the most important of all is Mount Fuji, which always turns into a flamingo color at sunrise.

So, how to put these together in a trip and experience the best of Japan? Read on, and then you will get your clue.

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Best Time in Japan: When to Visit

Spring, from March to May, and autumn, from September to November, are usually considered the best times to travel to Japan when you can take advantage of the sunny days and pleasant temperatures for all kinds of outdoor activities. However, at any time of the year, there are reasons to visit Japan.

Cherry blossoms fill the entire warm spring, while the fireworks festival season of summer offers the opportunity to climb Mt. Fuji. Autumn brings vibrant colors across the country, and winter transforms Japan into a snowy wonderland, ideal for skiing and onsen experiences. As Japan is a year-round destination, the best time to visit can depend on your preferred type of journey and activities.

Must-Dos in Japan

  • Boat Tour to See Mount Fuji

    Mount Fuji has always stood as a symbol of Japan. Lake Kawaguchi is one of the best places to see the whole of Mount Fuji. You may get on a boat and slice the reflection of the sun and the mountain on the mirrorlike water surface, catching the snow-capped Mount Fuji towering into the clouds.

  • Lottery at the Temples in Kyoto

    In Kyoto, the city of a thousand years, you can find plenty of old and beautiful temples, like the red Fushimi Inari Shrine, the golden Kinkaku-ji, and the Kiyomizu Temple standing on the water. Of course, after your visit, don't forget to pay 100 yen to draw a lottery to see your recent fortune! 

  • Take a City Tour of Tokyo

    Taking a city tour of Tokyo offers an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, rich history, and modern marvels of Japan's capital. By experiencing a traditional tea ceremony, strolling through historic districts like Asakusa, and exploring the trendy neighborhoods of Shibuya and Harajuku, you can get a glimpse of Japanese style.

  • Relax in the Natural Hot Springs

    The active tectonic movements give Japan a great wealth of natural hot springs. For full-body relaxation, choose an onsen hotel with an open-air hot spring, where you can see the clear moon and leaves reflecting in the water. Soak up to your shoulders in the pool, then boil an egg or warm a cup of sake with the thermal spring.

  • Have a Taste of the Local Food

    Japanese cuisine offers fresh, seasonal ingredients and delicate flavors. From the umami-rich broths of ramen and the subtle sweetness of sushi rice to the complex sauces of teriyaki and the refreshing tang of sashimi, it's a delicious journey into Japan's culture and culinary artistry, where every dish tells a story.

  • Attend Japan's Festivals & Events

    Add some seasonal festivals and events to your Japan tour for an experience like no other! Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of soft snow and soothing hot springs, witness the city gradually blanketed in the delicate pink of spring cherry blossoms, or capture the first bloom of summer flowers during a fireworks festival. 

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