Places for Tokyo Cherry Blossom: Best Hanami Spots

Early March to late April is always one of the best times to visit Tokyo, especially for the hanami, the cherry blossom viewing, which can be enjoyed almost anywhere in the city. With the first bloom in mid-March and the full bloom at the end of March, there are plenty of places in Tokyo to view the dreamy cherry blossoms. Picnic under a tree with cloudy petals, stroll along the river, or take a boat ride with the night lights and shadows. Below are some of the best places to view the cherry blossoms in Tokyo, so check them out and find your ideal spot to enjoy the dreamy spring flowers.

In the central part of Tokyo is the site of the Edo Castle, with its green roof and white walls, and the places where the Emperor now lives and works. Below is the large East Garden, covered with hundreds of trees and flowers, so have a hanami here, you can see the cherry blossoms and other spring flowers.

Before entering the main gate, you can linger a while on the Seimon Ishibashi Bridge to take in the entire building surrounded by cherry blossoms. Inside the gate is the classic Japanese rock garden set against the blossoms, which is quite elegant when you see the reflection above the petal-strewn poor. Another way to see the cherry blossoms here is to take a boat ride, which can be quite a dreamy experience as you sail through the pink sea.

Cruise along the Sumida RiverCruise along the Sumida River

About 20 minutes north of the Imperial Palace is Ueno Park. There are about 800 cherry blossom trees planted along the main road of Ueno Park, making it a famous and beloved hanami spot since the Edo period. Nearly 300,000 people visit every day during the cherry blossom blooming season. You can also bring snacks and drinks and have a small picnic under the cherry blossom tree.

The Ueno Cherry Blossom Festival, dedicated to cherry blossoms is also held annually in Ueno Park. It is not just a daytime festival. As part of the festival, lighting lanterns are decorated around the park and trees at night, creating a different atmosphere from the daytime. You can also enjoy various events such as antique markets, flower markets, music festivals, and monkey performances.

Sakura TourSakura Tour

About 20 minutes to the south of the Imperial Palace are the Roppongi Hills, where you can have a very exciting hanami experience. There are two cherry blossom viewing spots around Roppongi Hills. One is the Japanese garden "Mori Garden" where you can enjoy the exceptional combination of skyscrapers and cherry blossoms with stylish restaurants, cafes, and various high-end shops gather.

The second is Roppongi Sakurazaka, a street lined with approximately 150 cherry blossom trees, including Someiyoshino and Yaebenishidare, making it a very photogenic spot. It is also very beautiful to see when the streets light up at night while the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

At the end of March, the Roppongi Hills Spring Festival and the ARK Hills Sakura Festival are held in Roppongi Hills every year, with music shows and food stalls along the street, giving a full atmosphere for flower viewing. There are also workshops where you can experience the tea ceremony and traditional Japanese culture.

The Megurokawa River is a famous hanami spot that represents Tokyo. Within 30 minutes drive from downtown, there are about 800 cherry blossom trees along the 4 km long Megurokawa River, where you can take a walk under the pink fancy cloud, especially at night when everything is lit up. Or you can enjoy the cherry blossoms while eating and drinking at the cafes and restaurants along the river.

While you walk along the river, you will see some tourist spots such as Nakameguro Park, Ebara Shrine, and Ryusen-Ji Temple set against charming pink flowers. There are many fashionable shops in the area, so it is a perfect area for those who want to do other activities at the same time.

Shinjuku Gyoen is an imperial garden located in east Tokyo, a garden that connected the two famous shopping districts of Shinjuku and Shibuya. With 1300 cherry trees inside the garden, Shinjuku Gyoen could be another hanami place to enjoy spring flowers after your day's activities.

An easy walk after your lunch or dinner along the path with the flowers around your side is quite cozy. Even if you don't walk through the whole park, there are plenty of cherry blossom trees to enjoy the beauty of the flowers, even if you're just borrowing the park for a quick pass between the two areas. There are also few tourists here, so if you want to enjoy the cherry blossoms at your own pace or are looking for a great photo spot, this is the place to be.

Have you found your perfect hanami spot in Tokyo? Above are just a few of the many places to enjoy the blossoms, so if you'd like to know more about the best places to view the cherry blossoms in Tokyo, please contact us. Let Odynovo create your ideal cherry blossom tour in Japan.

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