How to Plan A Family Tour in Italy

CNN ranked Italy as the No. 1 country that attracts the most taste buds globally. UNESCO awarded 59 World Heritage sites in Italy. Italy offers a visual and culinary feast that caters to every member of the family. From exploring the ancient ruins of Rome to indulging in homemade pasta-making classes in Bologna, Italy tour ensures unforgettable experiences for families of all ages.

Italy is a destination that provides all kinds of experiences all the year round. If you are looking for the ideal weather, April to November could be the best time to visit Italy.

Flowers blossom in Spring, and flamboyant azaleas and tulips decorate the Italian mountains and plains from April to June. Summer between July to September in Italy is bustling. Those resorts with sunshine along the Mediterranean welcome tourists from all over the world.

In autumn, greet the grapes trellis and enjoy the harvest season of October to November when the air is filled with the aroma of wine. Winter for December to March belongs to those who want to experience the Fast & Furious in first-class skiing resorts. Though the temperature would be a bit chilly, the astonishing views of the Alpine region and Dolomite are unforgettable.

Harvest Season in ItalyHarvest Season in Italy

It's recommended to spend at least 1 week in Italy to let your children have a thorough experience of Italian culture and history. Don't be worried about whether they'll get bored with all kinds of historical sites or will it be hard to take them hiking in the Dolomite. Every day in Italy is a new day.


The well-known Venice sits upon the Venice Lagoon, where gondolas shuttle back and forth which will attract kiddos. Even if you have a good sense of direction, it's easy to get lost in the city of Venice, which is crisscrossed by countless narrow alleys connected by innumerable bridges. It's interesting to meet the Rialto Bridge, St. Mark's Basilica, and Libreia Acqua Alta by accident when you get lost in Venice, so keep an eye on the kids!



Naples, also known as Napoli, sits quietly in the bay at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, its mysterious charm enhanced by the volcanic eruption that once buried the ancient city of Pompeii. As you fly into this city, you'll pass over bustling districts, hiding numerous eateries. In Naples' National Archaeological Museum, countless artistic treasures reveal the lives of Pompeii's nobility from millennia ago. You might find this city a bit noisy, but that's precisely the proof of its vibrancy and charm, and definitely, the perfect city to satisfy your children's taste buds.


Many people come to Rome to make three wishes at the Trevi Fountain, one of which is always "to return to Rome". The saying "All roads lead to Rome" is renowned through the ages, with the Colosseum and numerous ruins scattered throughout the city. The Borghese Gallery and Vatican Museums offer a plethora of attractions, making Rome itself a vast museum. I mean, where else can you find such a natural setting to help the kids learn about how humans cultivated their history?



Siracusa is an ancient city on the island of Sicily, home to numerous ancient Greek and Roman ruins. Tourists can enjoy spectacular sea views while imagining how people in ancient Greece sat in the Greek Theatre of Ortygia Island watching performances. And the fresh seafood and cuisine of Sicily also keep people coming back for more.


If you've heard of the Renaissance, then Florence is an Italian must-visit destination. The David at Accademia Gallery, The Birth of Venus at Uffizi Gallery, the Santa Maria del Fiore, and the sunset at Michelangelo Square are all classic sights not to be missed. Strolling on the old bridge lined with jewelry shops, and wandering in the Medici family's gardens, Florence will give the whole family too many surprises.


Italy is perfect for leisurely exploration, offering the ultimate relaxation for the entire family. Here are some unique things to do in this charming destination.

Join the Italian Cooking Class

Food, food, food! It's worth trying to attend a traditional cooking class and discover the secret behind spaghetti, pasta, pizza, formaggio, and pane. Experience the magic of Italian pasta-making in traditional Italian culinary workshops, witnessing how Italians transform flour into a variety of culinary delights.

Market in ItalyMarket in Italy

Riding on the Picturesque Roads

Riding in Tuscany will be an unforgettable experience for most of the tourists. Too many classical riding scenes have been shown in Italian movies, such as Cinema Paradiso, and they're displayed by the directors for a reason! Riding a bicycle and weaving through the lanes of the countryside, olive groves, and vineyards will make you forget all the worries of the city.

Make Gondola Your Family Cruise

You can only ride on gondolas in Venice. The gondoliers, dressed in striped shirts and hats, navigate the gondola carrying you through the canals of Venice. Sometimes, they'll sing traditional Italian songs for you, while people on the banks stop to admire.

Gondola Cruise in VeniceGondola Cruise in Venice

Taking a family trip together is no easy feat, but fortunately, Italy has a relatively well-developed infrastructure and a wide variety of attractions to satisfy everyone's tastes. Here's a sample 12-day itinerary.

DayThings to DoOvernight
Day 1 - 3National Archeological Museum of Naples, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Local Farm VisitSorrento
Day 4Visit VaticanRome
Day 5Gladiator Training, the ColosseumRome
Day 6 - 7Pisa Guided Walking Tour, Florence Art Galleries and CathedralFlorence
Day 8 - 9Cooking Class and Cheese Factory Visit, Ferrari MuseumBologna
Day 10 - 11Enjoy the Charm of VeniceVenice
Day 12Departure Italy - End of Trip-

Day 1 to Day3

Greetings to fantastic Naples and Sorrento. Upon arrival at Naples Airport, you'll be staying in the tranquil Sorrento, situated at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, not far from Naples. As follows, you'll visit the famous Pompeii and National Archeological Museum in Naples. Sorrento is situated midway between Naples and Positano, so spend a day and hop on a boat to explore the beautiful Amalfi Coast. There, you'll find enticing citrus and lemon groves, and the pure Mediterranean towns will welcome you with their warmest hospitality.

Amalfi CoastAmalfi Coast

Day 4 to Day 5

The saying 'all roads lead to Rome' certainly applies in Italy. Hop on a comfortable high-speed train to Rome, and the azure coastline along the way will enchant you. In less than half a day, you'll arrive at that beautiful city. Next up is packing up and heading to the heart of the former Roman Empire, the Vatican City. Located within Rome, the Vatican is home to the Vatican Museums, which house countless priceless treasures. There, you can admire the great works of Raphael and Michelangelo.

When in Rome, after visiting the magnificent Colosseum, it's only natural to experience the spirit of ancient Rome with your children. Why not try donning gladiator armor, wielding a spear and shield, and engaging in a friendly bout?

Day 6 to Day 8

The Renaissance is an unavoidable topic when touring Rome, and Florence's Uffizi Gallery, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, and the Accademia Gallery, where the David statue is housed, are all must-visit places for countless tourists. The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa is also not far from Florence, and climbing to the top might even make one dizzy.

David StatueDavid Statue

Day 9 to Day 10

Bologna is home to the most delicious pasta and the coolest Ferrari cars. Bring your kids here to learn the secret of pasta, and after you return home, your children will become the most popular kids in class - little masters of pasta!

Day 11 to Day 12

Go to Venice, and on countless bridges, to understand the relationship between water and life. Hop on a gondola, and let the gondolier take you to the most off-the-beaten-path spots. Encounter on the Rialto Bridge, and gaze at the glittering Venice Lagoon under the sunset.


It's best not to stay near the train station in Italy. In Rome, you can live near the Vatican City or in the historic center. In Venice, you can live in Mestre and cross the bridge to Venice as the price will be lower. In Florence, it's suggested to live in the old city center where you can find many eateries.

A family trip always needs to consider various aspects. Below are some suggestions that may need to be considered before the trip.

First, it's important to book accommodations in advance. During peak tourist seasons, a single hotel may not be able to accommodate the needs of a large family and consider whether there are facilities convenient for use by the elderly and children.

Secondly, consider the physical stamina and preferences of family members. Italy has many uneven cobblestone streets, which may be tiring to walk on. Keep your own pace and timely replenish your energy.

Lastly, safety comes first. As a popular tourist destination, there may be many people, so it's important to keep an eye on children and personal belongings.

Plan Your Family Trip to Italy With Odynovo

Italy is a destination worth visiting. Its rich natural and cultural tourism resources can leave a profound impression in one's mind, creating lifelong memories for family members of all ages. Additionally, Italy offers a plethora of delicious cuisine, ensuring that everyone will find something to enjoy. Find a time and plan a trip to Italy!

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