10 Best Places to Travel in Summer 2024

The green trees grow most luxuriantly in summer, and the flowers bloom most vividly in summer. You can go to Denmark to see the pink sandy beaches, and you can travel to Mongolia for the sensational Naadam Congress. Summer is the best time to go outside, walk around, and feel the romance that is unique to summer.

Whether you are in a steep valley in the mountains or a tropical beach washed by waves, there are exciting water sports and recreational activities everywhere in Japan in summer. You can float by kayak or raft in the mountains of Yamanashi-ken. And outside of Tokyo, there are beautiful beaches in Kanagawa where you can enjoy sailing and surfing. Besides, you can also go to Okinawa and its nearby islands, where the environment is very suitable for snorkeling or scuba diving.

Every summer, many tourists come from all over the world to climb Mount Fuji, which is the most representative mountain in Japan. The long line of climbers seems to have no end in sight. They set out in the early hours of the morning to make their way to the highest point, then watch the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean from the summit. For experienced climbers, Mount Fuji is just a small challenge. However, due to the limited opening hours throughout the year, you need to plan your time and itinerary in advance. Moreover, traditional summer festivals can give you a taste of local culture. The splendid fireworks display is a special experience that you must not miss. In July and August, fireworks can be seen everywhere, from small towns to bustling cities. Anywhere you visit in Japan in the summer, you may encounter surprise festivals and events without notice. This joyful and carnival atmosphere will take the heat out of the climate and make it easier for you to spend the hot summer in Japan.

Peru is a country to be explored by heart, a vast land that hides many stories. There are ancient ruins, characteristic landscapes, and natural beauty. Whether you are a history lover, an adventurer, or a wilderness photographer, you will find something in Peru that will satisfy all your desires. Summer is the best time to visit Peru when the winds and the temperatures are perfect.

Discover the fun of the land of alpacas, the mysteries of the deep rainforest, and the miracles of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. From jungle adventure to sea surfing, from ancient trail hiking to grassland horse racing, from volcano climbing to mountain biking. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy every day in Peru! The Isla Ballestas Islands are home to a vibrant wildlife population and over 50 million seabirds, making them the "Bird Islands". Wildlife lovers can take a yacht to see these lovely creatures up close. From white-bearded Inca terns to round sea lions and dolphins, to Humboldt penguins, Peruvian boobies, and brightly colored pelicans. Millpu Lake consists of approximately 20 naturally occurring pools that rise and fall like a fantastic staircase to a mystical kingdom. The mineral-rich water of the lake creates a blue-green sheen, resembling pure turquoise, where photographers can see the purest green paradise.

Isla Ballestas Islands, PeruIsla Ballestas Islands, Peru

China is a vast country with a variety of landscapes, not only with historical monuments but also with beautiful natural landscapes. Due to the large span from north to south in China, the climate types in China are complex and diverse. So even in the heat of summer, you can find many summer resorts in China. Changbai Mountain is located at the border of Jilin Province and North Korea. The famous Tianchi Pond, the spectacular waterfalls, and the quiet valley forests are the charm of Changbai Mountain. In summer, Changbai Mountain is covered with lush vegetation and the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, making it a very famous summer resort.

Yili is the main road of the Silk Road in history. There is relatively abundant rain here and the weather is mild and humid. And summer is the best time to go to Yili. At this time, the scenery is beautiful and the fruits are fragrant. Due to the large temperature difference between day and night in Yili, you can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery but also enjoy all kinds of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Lugu Lake, located in Yunnan, is also well worth visiting. When you walk into it, it is as if you have entered a mysterious world. The blue water of the lake is surrounded by mountains, and the scenery there will surely make you forget to go back. In addition, there are also hospitable Mosuo people there, you can sit down and chat with them and drink tea to experience the unique slow pace of life there.

Silk Road, ChinaSilk Road, China

What is your image of Greece? Is it the archaeological sites with their still majestic pantheon of gods? Is it the legends of the Greek gods? Or is it the dreamy blue of Santorini? Summer is the season for vacations when the sun and the island scenery are at their best there. The scenery is beautiful and the climate is pleasant, and each island is as precious as a pearl and emerald.

Chania is not the most famous city in Greece, but because of this, it doesn't get too many tourists. But there's no need to worry about transportation. It's very convenient to get around. There is a lighthouse here, which lights up the whole town at night. One of the best times to go there is in summer. You can walk over a long stretch of the dike, listen to the sound of the waves, watch the sunset and give yourself to nature. Also, there is a pink sand beach nearby, Elafonisi is one of the famous beaches in Greece with its unique light pink sand. In the morning, with a sunshade, folding beach loungers, you can enjoy the purest of the beach. Of course, you can also take a tent rental, listening to the waves in the tent to take a nap. In addition to lazing in the sun on the beach, kayaking, surfing and various water sports are also very popular on the Greek beach. Especially the small inflatable kayaks, which do not require much skill to swim in the blue water. Here you can feel the relaxation.

Chania, GreeceChania, Greece

South Africa is a country that blends the urban and the wild. Here you can experience life and watch wildlife hunting tours. June to August is winter in South Africa, which is the tourist season in South Africa. Because the climate at this time is drier and cooler, winter becomes an ideal hiking and outdoor adventure season.

If you are a wildlife lover, then you should definitely visit South Africa in this season. At this time, the jungle is not so dense. Thirsty animals gather around water sources, just in time for tourists to feast their eyes on them. Therefore, winter is the best season to observe wildlife. If you are going to look for animals on foot and try to simplify the equipment when shooting, don't bring too much weight burden to walking. In addition, Winter in South Africa will give you a different kind of flavor. A driving tour is also a very good choice. If you have enough time, try renting a car to feel the breeze on the famous Garden Route. On one side of the road is the sea and on the other side is the land, they alternate to give you a different view. The charm of "Rainbow Land" is waiting for you to experience.

Garden Route, South AfricaGarden Route, South Africa

Of course, Spain's beaches and sunshine are attractive in summer, but there are other charms in Spain besides sunny beaches. The Spanish people love bullfighting and flamenco dancing. Different places reflect different kinds of Spain. In Barcelona, you can see crazy Spaniards like Gaudi and Dali. In Madrid, you can see the serious Spaniards like Goya and Mauro, while in Andalusia, the south of Spain, you can see the real Spaniards, whose character is like the weather here. You can see flamenco dancing in Seville. You can go to the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. And you can also go to Málaga.

The sights of Málaga are in the old town, close to the port. The most famous castles, ancient Roman theaters, and cathedrals are located in the old Jewish quarter, within walking distance of each other. If you have more time, take a walk along the coastal boulevard under the castle to the harbor, where you will find one of Malaga's proudest sunny beaches, Playa de La Malagueta, with its soft sand. You can also go to the Alcazaba Castle, built in the Arabian style. The lower layer with gardens and palaces, while the upper is very large and mainly a military castle. You can walk from both sides of the castle to the high point. This building is built on the hill of Hill Brafaro, where you can get a bird's eye view of the whole city and the beautiful beach.

Catedral de la Almudena, MadridCatedral de la Almudena, Madrid

Mongolia has a typical temperate continental climate. July to August is the summer season in Mongolia. At this time, Mongolia has endless prairie and rolling deserts. You can feel the magnificent summer amorous feelings, experience the bold and unrestrained enthusiasm of Mongolian people, and enjoy the freedom and leisure of summer. However, there is a big difference in temperature between morning and evening at this time of year, and the UV rays are strong. So you need to bring a thick jacket and take sun protection measures in advance.

Every year in July and August, when the livestock are fattened up, the "Naadam" festival is held to celebrate the harvest in Mongolia. This is a great event for Mongolians. During the day the colorful flags fly on the grassland and the brave Mongolian men participate in various ethnic traditional events. At night, a roaring bonfire lights up the whole grassland. This is not only the Naadam bonfire party but also the night of Mongolian people's revelry. All the people wear festive costumes and dance around the bonfire to the sound of the horse-head fiddle. It will definitely give you an extraordinary experience. If you want to get a deeper understanding of Mongolian culture and experience the life of the local people, you can visit the local herdsmen's homes. You can take part in all kinds of interesting activities, such as tasting milk tea, milking cows and feeding lambs. It must be an unprecedented experience to have a passionate tug-of-war game or lawn football with Mongolians. You can also take the most primitive means of transportation on the grassland and go to the depths of the grassland to feel nature.

In the summer in Iceland, the sun and the breeze will kiss your face and a feeling of physical and mental relaxation will come over you. If you are looking for a destination that you want to travel in summer, Iceland will never let you down. The average summer temperature in Iceland is 12-18 degrees Celsius, which is relatively warm and comfortable. And summer is the tourist season in Iceland. At this time, it has long daylight hours and plenty of sunshine, making it ideal for sightseeing trips.

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is a city that combines modernity and traditional style. Here, you can visit Icelandic architecture such as the Hallgrímskirkja and the Harpa Concert Center. You can also visit the street market and find a special Icelandic sweater. It is also a good choice to go for a walk at Lake Tjörnin, where you can feel the slow life of Icelanders. Iceland also has spectacular and wonderful natural scenery. Langjökull is the closest glacier to the capital, and it is also the second-largest glacier in Iceland. Driving a snowmobile in the endless glacier land, the beautiful glaciers on the way will definitely surprise you. Glaciers are just the most common natural scenery in Iceland, and there are volcanoes, waterfalls, black beaches, glacial lakes, midnight sun and so on, waiting for you to explore.

Costa Rica's climate completely subverts the classification of the four seasons, and there are only two seasons here. June to September is the winter season in Costa Rica, which also becomes the "green season" with sudden rains that do not last long. We could tell the seasons based on weather patterns, but climate change has thrown Costa Rica's seasons into a curveball. So, plan your trip to this tropical country with an open mind.

Costa Rica, located in Central America, has a unique natural environment and climate. There are tropical rainforests, volcanoes and islands here, which create a leisurely tropical lifestyle. Expectant travelers can enjoy all kinds of beautiful scenery and participate in a variety of activities. These are undoubtedly the greatest pleasures and adventures for lovers of outdoor activities in Costa Rica. If you are an animal lover, the rare creatures in Costa Rica are enough to amaze you. When you go deeper into the rainforest, you can find keel-billed toucans, beautiful macaws and shy sloths perched on the treetops. If you are a diving enthusiast, you can watch a variety of tropical fish here, such as dolphins, sharks, whales and so on. The wonderful beaches also attract tourists from all over the world. You can stroll along the beach planted with palm trees. This will be an unforgettable journey.

Rainforest, Costa RicaRainforest, Costa Rica

Indonesia is located at the equator and has a tropical rainforest climate. Its climate is characterized by humidity and heat all year round. The summer season in Indonesia is from May to October every year. This is the best time to visit Indonesia because the weather is sunny and the temperature is perfect. Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia. It contains tens of thousands of islands dotted with more than a hundred active volcanoes, as well as an extremely rich ethnic culture and nature. Here you can go to Ubud and Kuta in Bali to see the beaches and temples, while the neighboring Lombok island is more preserved in its original form.

In addition, you can also go to Jogyakarta to see the Borobudur. This solemn and ancient holy city is the largest Buddhist site in the world. It is also one of the most stunning monuments in the world, and its beauty is absolutely beyond your imagination. Believers have to walk about five kilometers to the top of the stairs. It symbolizes moving from the boundless earth to the sky, and each floor represents a realm of cultivation. You need to climb the ladder step by step with a pious heart, and gradually feel and understand the Buddha's thoughts and the mystery of life.

Borobudur, IndonesiaBorobudur, Indonesia

Embracing the sea and blue sky is a must-do in summer. Walking on the beach with bare feet, eating seafood and drinking beer, using an island trip to fill a summer with positive energy and small happiness. But in addition to these, there are many other things about the summer that is equally worth digging into. Please feel free to contact us and customize a summer trip based on your preference and needs. Traveling with Odynovo, you can find hundreds of possibilities for summer.

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