Best Places to Travel in Autumn 2023

Given its excellent weather and abundance of sunny days, autumn is a good time to go on excursions. What autumnal beauty do you find appealing? A large animal migration on the vast African savannah, rolling foothills interlaced with red maple leaves, or a stroll through a town from a fairytale with clear lakes and grassy slopes all around? In the thousands of autumn colors in the world, there must be one that you like.

Japan is a wonderful place to see red autumn leaves. From late September to early December, there are enchanting views of red leaves everywhere.

Hokkaido is the region in Japan where the earliest red leaves thrive. It boasts steep mountains and wildly growing forests. Taking a cable up the mountains with their endless red color, you can see nature presenting its beauty without reservation. Also, there are hot springs hidden in the mountains. The various spring hotels allow you to completely relax yourself in the hazy vapor.

Let's move to the southern Kansai region. Here are three important cities: Kyoto, Tokyo, and Nara, which are all a combination of historical relics and natural landscapes. Years have left many Japanese shrines - magnificent wooden temples with red walls and dark tiles. Behind the dense, fiery branches, they stand, recording the traces of history. Also, there are deer rambling on the paths clothed in red leaves, with smart eyes and pointed ears. This beautiful, docile animal is close to people when they are fed with deer biscuits. Visit Japan in fall you will have a lifetime memory.

Autumn Leaves, JapanAutumn Leaves, Japan

Kenya, located on the East African Plateau, is a tropical country traversed by the equator. In addition to the peak of the rainy season from March to May being wet, the rest of the year is dry and ideal for game drives. Here sits the Masai Mara National Reserve, where you may find diverse herds of animals grazing with satisfaction and bathing happily in groups on the river. Sometimes, you can even see mighty lions or leopards chasing their prey fiercely. Slow down your pace on the vast plateau with golden sunsets and an enjoyable breeze. From afar, you can see the snow-covered Mount Kilimanjaro looming through clouds. If you visit here around the last two weeks of October through early November, you may find some of the most spectacular scenes. Thousands of wildebeests, zebras, and antelopes will move back into the Serengeti in Tanzania.

Maasai Mara National Park, KenyaMaasai Mara National Park, Kenya

The island of Jeju in South Korea is a beloved destination for tourists across the world for its natural landscapes. In autumn, the fields are covered with pink Muhlenbergia capillaris. Pink is a romantic color, suitable for couples who are traveling together. Masses of pink weeds spread out like a fluffy carpet, gently swaying in the air. Imagine strolling with your lover in the pink ocean, and occasionally you come across some white farmhouses. It's like being in a dreamland.

In addition to pink, Jeju also has orange orchards in the autumn. November is with warm golden sunshine, and each tree is brimming with golden fruits, thus filling the air with fragrance. Enjoy picking oranges freely in the orchard. If you feel tired, peel one and taste the juicy treasure brought by autumn.

Jeju Island, South KoreaJeju Island, South Korea

China, one of the four ancient civilizations, has a vast territory and various wonderful landscapes. Also, China is a food paradise, especially in the fall. As the Chinese saying goes, food is the top priority for the people. A visit to China in the autumn is both a journey of beauties and of delicacies.

The first choice in autumn is the Great Wall, an ancient rampart built on steep mountains. Stretching for thousands of miles on rolling mountains, the Great Wall is regarded as one that requires great perseverance to cover the whole distance. The mountains, covered with lush vegetation, will be dyed a red and golden color in the fall, blending perfectly with the towering stone walls. The earliest sections of the Great Wall can be traced back to around 1000 BC. Others were built during the Qing or Ming dynasties. Walking through each section is like reading a history spanning thousands of years.

The Three Gorges are located on the Yangtze River in the hinterland of China, with picturesque mountains and waters. The autumn here is characterized by genial sunshine and cool temperatures, ideal for a cruise and sightseeing. Take a cruise and go along the river; what you see is a poetic landscape painting unfolding before your eyes: a green river with slight rippling and straight cliffs covered in fiery leaves. Along the way, there are Luyou Ancient Caves, Goddess Temples, and other locations recording Chinese mythologies. In addition, the aquatic products in the Yangtze River are fertilized during this season. Fish and hairy crabs are the delicacies that cannot be missed.

The Longji Rice Terraces, located in southern China, are a vast field opened up on the Longji Mountain with elevations from 300 to 1000 meters. Rice is widely planted here, which will be heavy with grains and consist of a golden ocean waving under a blue sky. Stand on the top to overlook the entire terrace - numerous winding lines form a grand, golden painting. Also, the terraces area is inhabited by the Zhuang and Yao ethnic groups of China, so you can visit the local farmers, watch the ancient textile craftsmanship, and learn about the customs nurtured by this fertile land.

The Great Wall, ChinaThe Great Wall, China

India's autumn lasts from late September to early November, with ample sunlight and cool temperatures.

The first destination is the Taj Mahal. This magnificent white halal building is a mausoleum built by an Indian empire for his concubine. Its grand structure and exquisite design reveal how deep the empire's love is. Built of ivory marble, the Taj Mahal is particularly beautiful under the clear blue sky of autumn. The Red Fort is also a magnificent castle that is worth viewing in autumn, with white geometric patterns painted on the red walls built of sandstone extending into the distance. Under the golden sunlight of autumn, beautiful photos can be taken of these stately buildings.

Diwali, which is the most important festival in India, is held in late October. People light countless lanterns in the hopes of dispelling darkness and evil. Strolling through bustling streets, you will find shops lively with flowers and golden decorations. At night, see the spectacular scenery by the Ganges River, where thousands of people light lanterns and set them free, emerging in a festive atmosphere. At night, see the spectacular scenery by the Ganges River, where thousands of people light oil lamps called 'diyas' and set them floating on the river, which is just like thousands of stars flowing along the river.

Taj Mahal, IndiaTaj Mahal, India

Bali is an excellent vacation island with the purest beaches in the world. Compared to summer, which is the peak tourist season, autumn in Bali is not as hot but has wonderful views as well.

Bali is famous for beaches and islands, such as Nusa Penida and Luhur Uluwatu. Each one has stunning scenery for photography. The water in here is like a huge blue agate stretching distantly and merging with the sky. There are various activities to explore on the beaches, such as music performances and volleyball games. Or enter the jelly-like water and go snorkeling to interact with lovely fish. Also, standing on the cliff beside beaches, you can enjoy the most beautiful sunrise in the world.

Bali, IndonesiaBali, Indonesia

Switzerland is located under the Alps with continuous mountains, grassy slopes, and bright lakes. Take a train and slowly shuttle through the mountains; you can enjoy the scenery along the winding track. Grassland, like a fluffy carpet, makes people want to roll up on it. The trees gradually turned yellow, beside which are cozy lodges scattered on the hills. As the train moved towards high altitudes, the mountains changed from green to white and covered with snow. Huge blue lakes may be hidden in the mountains, like embedded sapphires waiting for people’s discovery.

In addition to chanting natural landscapes, Switzerland has special cuisine during the autumn. Cheese is a Swiss specialty, and the grapes in the winery are ripe. Take a sip of fresh cheese and a glass of wine to the winery to enjoy a leisurely time.


Known as one of the happiest countries in the world, Bhutan is a perfect place for planning a tour to escape from your daily routines. Autumn is the perfect time to visit Bhutan because the mild temperature is suitable for hiking to the Tiger Nest, a magnificent temple that stands on a steep cliff.

In this harvest season, the rice field in Samtse and Sarpang has already changed to golden yellow sea. Hiking through the village to see the local life may also be an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, Bhutan holds many wonderful festivals in autumn, which offers good chances to indulge in the local culture. Such as the famous Thimphu Tshechu, you can see mask dances and some other performances.

Mask Dance, BhutanMask Dance, Bhutan

Autumn in France brings luscious grapes and aromatic red wine. The Mediterranean region's warm weather makes this charming nation even more enjoyable.

Burgundy in the south is a world-renowned red wine region. Each vineyard has endless vines that turn golden in the autumnh vineyard has endless vines that turn golden in the autumn. Follow the path in the chateaus; you can see old cellars and mottled castles at the end of the golden vines. The most famous winery is Beanue, which includes wine bars and French restaurants. All you need is one taste of the best wine in the world, and you will enjoy its intoxicating aroma and delicate taste. In Clos de Vougeot, you can not only drink wine but also learn about the brewing history and craftsmanship.

Autumn is the harvest season. In the southern region of Germany, there are sizable forests with natural delicacies to explore. What’s more, at the Munich Beer Festival, you can enjoy a grand harvest of beer.

Every autumn, a stream of tourists comes to the dense forest to pick up wild chestnuts. Some nuts are scattered on the land, while others are hidden in the grass. They are of a large quantity, as if you can't finish picking them all up. When feeling tired, peel a chestnut and enjoy its sweet taste. There are also fresh mushrooms in the forests. If you love outdoor activities, don't miss the unpolluted forests with abundant fresh air and pleasant greenery.

The Munich Beer Festival is held from late September to early October. At the opening ceremony, the mayor drinks the first beer to joyful music and announces the beginning of the festival. Performance teams dress in ethnic costumes and drive flower carriages through the streets. Feel free to dress up in any outfit, whether like ancient princes or shepherd boys at the foot of the Alps. Huge tents are erected in the square for people to offer performances and fresh beer. Wiesenbier, a beer specially brewed for the festival, is much stronger than regular beer.

Autumn is the golden season as well as the harvest season, making it the best time to travel to lots of places. When autumn gives its touch to each piece of land, magnificent walls, and castles are gilded with golden sunlight, hot, blue beaches are brought a desiring cool breeze, and the layers of forests glow red with surprising harvests. Contact Odynovo to encounter all kinds of beauties in autumn around the world, and give yourself the most romantic journey.

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