Top 10 Things to Buy in Thailand

When visiting a place, apart from enjoying the natural beauty and historical sights, it is a must for every travel lover to wander around the local streets and bazaars to taste the unique food and buy novelty items. Many cities in Thailand have a strong flavor of market trade, especially in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, where the bazaars are jammed with a noisy crowd of buyers and sellers. In Thailand, from soap, silk, and spices to silver jewelry and stylish bags, you can buy loads of different kinds of souvenirs and basic items. Today we will recommend the top ten things to buy during your tour to Thailand. Each of them must be added to your shopping list.

Thai silk has been woven for more than 2000 years. The dry climate and loose soil in northeastern Thailand are ideal for the growth of mulberry trees, providing an endless supply of raw materials for Thai silk. In the past, only the royal family and dignitaries had the power to wear Thai silk. But today, it has become the traditional and everyday dress of the Thai people and draws increasing attention from the global fashion field, making it gradually prized by fashion lovers across the world. Thai silk is rich in color and style. It is always decorated with Buddha, python, phoenix, and other religious patterns, but some may use simple lines and geometric figures as the basic pattern, added to pineapple honey trees, banana leaves, insects, and other flora and fauna decorations. Thai silk features eye-popping, rainbow-like colors. It is exquisite and intricately crafted, with its prices varying from quality to quality. If you are looking for a wider variety of Thai silk, you can go to Chiang Mai, where the markets offer quality Thai silk at knockdown prices. It's nice to go for one for yourself, lovers, or significant others.

The second product you should buy in Thailand is quite common but special. It's soap, but not the one in ordinary shape that we often see. You can't imagine how soap can be made into different shapes and painted in gorgeous colors. They can be found to represent showy flowers and delicate fruits. You can see they closely resemble lotus flowers, peach blossoms, mangoes, pineapples, and other plants. These special soaps are hand-carved with natural ingredients and are fascinatingly fragrant. You can look around Bangkok's Chatuchak Market, large shopping malls, and other night markets for more flower or fruit soaps displayed prominently on the shelves. While you're thinking about it, you might get a recommendation from the shopkeeper, who advertises that the soap is gentle on the hands and skin. However, the stunning shapes and colors of soaps are irresistible to most tourists. They are ideal for home decoration and make a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.

Thai handicraft has been passed down for centuries. It is increasingly popular with travelers worldwide. Thai handicrafts are known for their local tradition and exquisite designs. Thai artisans stick to traditional handicrafts and are willing to show tourists how such beautiful handiwork is made. If you're attracted by local techniques, you must visit Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Chiang Mai is an old city full of workshops. You can wander around any shops and exhibition halls that sell a wide variety of handicrafts. You can find colorful paper umbrellas, beautiful pottery dishes, shining lacquerware, delicately designed wooden carvings, and so on. You have a chance to get some fancy handiwork cheaply at some stalls. Thai handicrafts are full of colors that are eminently suitable to decorate the walls in your home. You can buy one as a souvenir of Thailand or as a gift for parents or friends.

Thai Long-neck People and Their HandicraftsThai Long-neck People and Their Handicrafts

When walking through Thailand's busy streets and open markets, Sa Paper Umbrella is your first choice for blocking out the bright sunlight. This kind of special umbrella is one of the oldest crafts in Thailand, and the traditional skill has been completely passed on for centuries. These antique umbrellas are handmade from Sa or mulberry paper with many different styles, shapes, and sizes to match your personal preference. If you're a minimalist, you can choose the solid-color scalloped-shaped umbrellas, which look strikingly elegant. Another style of umbrella is covered by beautiful and elaborate patterns or surreal lace, including flowers, small animals, natural landscapes, and other traditional elements. At first glance, you will definitely be bewitched by these masterpieces of Thai culture. A paper umbrella can be used not only to block out the sunlight or mild rain but also to decorate a person's home. What's more, the umbrella can leave a remarkable impression on special occasions like weddings or birthday parties. If you want to look for more such items, you can visit San Kamphaeng in Chiang Mai.

Paper Umbrella SaPaper Umbrella Sa

If you're very enthusiastic about cooking, then Thai spice is too good to miss. Thai spice is an integral part of Thai cuisine. Historically, Thailand has had a vibrant trade with China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and other European countries. Such trading influences, together with the adaptations over centuries, make up the flavors of Thai cuisine. So Thai spices are commonly used in other styles of cooking and dishes. Thai spice is fragrant and aromatic, but some of it is quite pungent. Thai spices are full of varieties. Products like black pepper, chili powder, cinnamon sticks, and cloves are portable and can be stored for a long time. These spices are common in any local market or shopping mall. Across the busy fair, you can get a wide range of spices at a low price from vendors. You can make authentic Thai foods with these spices at home whenever you have a sudden impulse to cook. Add Thai spices to your kitchen and try some new cuisine for a change for the family.

Thai Spice & Family FoodThai Spice & Family Food

For many tourists, they visit Thailand with the purpose of visiting a Thai spa center. If you're looking for a special way to take a break during your journey, it is well worth more than one hour to make a pleasing spa in a Thai spa center. Spa Divana in Bangkok is highly recommended. The studio is very well designed. You will enjoy the spa under the blue stars and be impressed by the professionalism of the technicians. You will have a stunningly relaxing and enjoyable one-hour experience. Aside from the spa experience, you can't go wrong with any Thai spa center's spa products. Aromatherapy oils and soaps come in different flavors, and they are pleasant to smell. You can buy lemon balm, shiso mask, or lavender that will benefit your skin. It's recommended to go around the Siam Central World Emporium in Bangkok, which sells quality products from some famous spa brands. Thai spa products are ideal for gifting to family members or friends. You can get a similar experience even at home by using these spa products.

Thai silver is quite well known around the world and is in high demand by a great number of decor lovers. Thai silver is a significant representation of Thai workmanship and a traditional way to make silver items. Thai silver, at a reasonable price, is mostly handcrafted with a beautiful and unique look. There is a wide variety of Thai silver. If you want to add some special utensils to your kitchen, Thai silverware is your best choice. If you want to add some special utensils to your kitchen, Thai silverware is your best choice. From bowls and plates to spoons and folks with different sizes and lusters, they are well-liked for both adults and children. In Thailand, silver jewelry is also worth your while. From pendants, charms, and clasps to bead strands, Thai silver jewelry is quite appealing to female tourists. Such silver jewelry is suitable for decoration on your body or in your home, or as a beautiful gift for loved ones. The trip to Chiang Mai will fulfill your shopping spree for this fancy jewelry. Don't forget to visit Wua Lai Road, which is home to silver craftsmen.

Have you imagined that the coconut can be made into coconut oil? Thailand owns a large share of the natural coconut oil market in domestic sales and exports. Thai coconut oil products have gained wide popularity throughout the world for their multiple benefits. In fact, coconut is totally different from coconut oil. Thai coconut oil, with a strong flavor, is made 100% from quality coconut. Such products are fit for human consumption and can be applied to skin and hair. These products really suit tourists who enjoy swimming very much and want to revitalize their hair. They have a wide range of uses in hair care, moisturizers, and protection from the sun. It's suitable to choose any version of these coconut oil products as a surprise gift for significant others. Thailand is full of boutique shops that sell different kinds of pure coconut oil products. It's very worth a try.

What follows are Thai-made bags that female tourists have a penchant for. NaRaYa Bags is one of the most popular local brands in the world. Today, these handmade bags are catching the increasing attention of female fashion lovers for their good price and high quality. The bags are full of different kinds of classic designs. From an elegant, solid white color style to intricately exquisite patterns, NaRaYa Bags can meet the tastes of a diverse range of fashion enthusiasts. NaRaYa Bags' signature item is a large blue ribbon bow attached to the center of the fabric bag. If you're interested in the brand NaRaYa, you can pay attention to its other products, like cosmetic bags, mini money bags, or handkerchiefs. For women, it's an irresistible luxury. For a man, it's an ideal gift for your sweetheart. Other wallet-friendly handmade bags, in addition to Naraya Bags, can be found in most Thai shops and markets. They include tiny pouches, handbags, and other types of bags. Try to find one in the shopping malls in Bangkok, which is one of the best shopping paradises in Thailand.

The last one is a Thai triangle pillow. This kind of pillow is quite popular in most Thai homes but not available anywhere else in the world. Triangle pillows are unique to Thailand, so to speak. There is a wide range of styles of such products. Such pillows are made from cotton or silk and stuffed with straw or other organic fiber. It is designed in different fancy patterns, such as alternate bands of color or strange symbols. The special triangle shape actually draws great interest from tourists overseas. The pillow is comfortable and serves as a perfect spare for your bed. You can lie on it or lean against it to have a good rest. Besides, it can be unfolded easily and placed in any corner of your room. Don't hesitate to add such beautifully designed and functional pillows to your cart. Your friends or significant others will be certain to be delighted when they receive such a distinctive present.

The ten above-mentioned things are just a small part of Thai foods and products. There are more special and beautiful items worth the cost. If the above-recommended things are not enough, an extensive variety of snacks, gadgets, and clothing will definitely meet your preferences. Try to explore more interesting and colorful markets and shops during your visit to Thailand. The beautifully designed items are highly suitable for gifts for friends and family members. There are so many things to buy in Thailand that you will be torn. If you have any puzzles, please get in touch with us. We're happy to share more information about Thai products with you. Moreover, you can get wallet-friendly and quality items you love if you travel with us. We will customize the itinerary based on your needs and offer you a wonderful shopping experience at the local market.

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