12 Must-See Natural Attractions in Thailand

Thailand owes a portion of its popularity to its abundance of natural beauties, which range from the lush mountains of the central and northern regions to the oddly formed limestone formations of the southern regions. Here are some of Thailand's most stunning natural wonders that you should put on your schedule if you're planning a tour to Thailand. Each one will leave you in awe of Mother Nature's extraordinary beauty.

Situated in the southwest of Phang Nga Bay is the biggest island in Thailand, Phuket, home to nearly 30 beaches with clear sea waters, bright sunshine and soft sand, making it a paradise for sea lovers where you can choose the beach to suit your needs.

Patong Beach in the south, one of the most famous, full of water sports equipment, is one of the best places to enjoy marine activities such as exciting jet skiing or relaxing sailing on the boundless sea. Or go a little further to the tranquil Karen Beach, where you can lie down and wait for a splendid sunset with the shadow of coconut trees and the accompany of waves and seagulls. Hat Mai Khao Beach in the southwest is the longest and is part of Sirinat National Park, where you can visit the birthplace of small sea turtles.

Located along the coast of Phang-Nga Province, Ao Phang Nga National Park(also known as Phang Nga Bay) is a marine national park that has spectacular scenery and an area of 400 km². The most famous attraction, James Bond Island, has been in the James Bond movie "The Man with the Golden Gun", with its limestone cliffs towering over green water and unique caves. Other sights like lagoons and small beaches are also interesting, waiting to be explored.

In the park, there are various activities you can enjoy. Canoeing is popular among tourists, where you can appreciate the crystal-clear waters and observe the wildlife around. About 180 bird species, smooth-coated otters, dusky leaf monkeys, etc. inhabit this park. In addition, you can find all kinds of mangrove plant species. All animals and plants in the park show you nature's vibrant vitality.

Ao Phang Nga National ParkAo Phang Nga National Park

The Similan Islands consist of 11 small islands, located in the Andaman Sea on the West Coast of Southern Thailand. It is an ideal place to dive and experience adventure. Surrounded by clear shallow water, all the Islands are worth visiting, with thriving marine life, amazing rock formations, and beautiful waves.

It will be unforgettable if you dive and snorkel in some best coral reefs. You can discover sharks, barracudas, triggerfish, etc. when you are exploring the mysterious underwater world. Moreover, the beach of the islands will not let you down, as it has white sand, blue water, and golden sunshine that meet your dream.

Notice that the ecosystem of these islands is fragile, so the government makes a lot of efforts to protect the islands' environment. The Thai government will close islands to the public during the monsoon season (May to October).

With white sandy beaches, bluish-green waters, unique natural rock formations, a tropical jungle in the center and a high mountain peak, Koh Samui is such a charming island west of the Gulf of Thailand, waiting to be visited or unexpectedly explored.

There is much to choose from while visiting Koh Samui. As well as walking along the beautiful beaches, you can also jump into the mountain forest with a local guide to find a waterfall cascading from the huge rock, or visit the elephant friends at a sanctuary. As there are fewer crowds in Koh Samui, creating an excellent underwater environment to view the vibrant life of the ocean, Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park is one of the best places to snorkel along the coral reef with fish of different colors and shapes.

Beach in Koh SamuiBeach in Koh Samui

Phi Phi Islands are situated in the Andaman Sea, including six islands. There are some sights that attract visitors from all over the world, like Maya Bay and Monkey Beach. Maya Bay is featured in the famous movie The Beach with its high cliffs, small beaches, and transparent seawater. Monkey Beach is known for its various wild animals, and its name came from the monkeys living there.

Bamboo Island, or Koh Pai, maybe the most well-known island. Flanked by bamboo groves, limestone monoliths, and palm trees, Bamboo Island, or Koh Pai, maybe the most well-known island. Flanked by bamboo groves, limestone monoliths, and palm trees, picturesque coast. Moreover, some islands, like Ko Phi Phi, are suitable for rock climbing. Those rock-climbing sites can provide fine climbing walls, highly trained instructors, and stimulating views.

It is the longest river in Southeast Asia, with a length of about 2,700 miles (4,350 km). The most attractive and diverse part of the river in Thailand may be the upper, where many mountains are popular tourist attractions. Visitors like to cycle and trek in mountainous areas and some will even visit the hill tribes and have a rest there.

Cruises can provide you with a chance to experience the wonderful world of the Mekong River. You can enjoy the stunning scenery when the sun goes down and the river is colored. There are rich cultural activities for you along the river, where you can communicate with local artists and explore exotic arts. Comfortable staterooms, tailor-made service, and a peaceful environment on cruises will bring you luxury and unique holidays.

Khao Sok National Park is located in the Surat Thani Province of Thailand, with the largest virgin forest in southern Thailand. It is a paradise to a series of wildlife, such as elephants, macaques, sambar deer, etc. It also has the world's only known amphibious centipede, Scolopendra cataracta. You can have a day trip to enjoy birdwatching while you are hiking in the forest. There are steep limestone mountains, flowing rivers, and splendid waterfalls in the park, which you can discover along your way.

The park also has some wonderful resorts, providing visitors with a relaxed atmosphere and local food. You can choose to sleep on the raft houses near the jungle if you want more exciting experiences.

Khao Sok National ParkKhao Sok National Park

Erawan Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand, is a must-see attraction in Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi Province. The waterfall has seven tiers, each tier has its own features.

The third tier is impressive in its gorgeous picturesque. With 20-25 meters in height, it is the tallest tier. There is a spot where you can take a dip with lovely fish. The travel to the last tier is relatively difficult, but the emerald-green water will be the highlight of your experience. The cliff is like the three-headed white elephant of Hindu mythology "Erawan", and the park and waterfall are given names because of it.

Khao Yai National Park is a World Heritage Site and ASEAN Heritage Park. It covers around 2,168 km² and is home to over 350 rare and endangered species. There you can find jungles, waterfalls, and rivers with an abundance of wildlife. There is fauna such as wild elephants, sambar deer, and gibbons, and flora like rattan, resin trees, and orchids.

Accommodations are available in the park. Surrounded by green mountains, you can breathe fresh air and observe wandering wildlife when you have you have a rest. Two types of accommodations, gest-houses and tents are for you to choose from.

The temperature in the park is equable and comfortable all year, from nearly 21℃ to 27℃, so it's an ideal place for tourists to enjoy the pristine beauty of nature. Please follow the rules of the park for your safety.

Khao Yai National ParkKhao Yai National Park

With a height of 250 meters, it is a massive limestone waterfall listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is situated in the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Tak Province in Northern Thailand, and connects with the Thung Yai Naresuan and Huay Kha Kaeng Reserves, Khlong Lan, and Mae Wong National Parks.

It is quite unforgettable when the waterfall cascades down the wall, sending splashes of water across the mountains. Besides viewing the stunning waterfall, visitors can take part in a number of activities, including rubber boat trips and cave surveys. Notice that plastic bottles are not allowed in the waterfall.

The best season for tourism is from December to January when the water level is suitable for appreciation. Although the most amazing scene appears during June to November with the strongest water current, it is dangerous and the government closes off the road.

Tham Lot Cave, Thailand's biggest cave, has a fascinating wonderland that you cannot miss. It is in the Pang Mapha District of Mae Hong Province in northern Thailand. It has a length of approximately 1,666 meters. Prehistoric human beings once inhabit this cave, where some ancient clay pottery and teak wood coffins have been found. These artifacts are exhibited at the Nature Study Centre in the cave.

Spectacular stalactites and stalagmites make the cave a mysterious and beautiful sight. The Column Cavern, Doll Cave, and Coffin Cave are interesting places that are worth your time. If you visit the Tham Lot Cave at sunset, you will see thousands of sifts flying into the cave, which is stunning.

It is a marine national park with 42 islands covering an area of 102 km². Located at the shore of the Surat Thai Province, this park has amazing scenery and once appeared in a movie in which Leonardo Di Caprio starred. The species of animals and plants are also diverse.

All kinds of activities are waiting for you. Visitors can participate in snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and more. Some good diving sites are on the northern islands, with an average depth of about 10 meters, and the time between March to April has the best visibility. It is also quite relaxing when you lay in the sun on the soft sand.

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