A Complete Travel Guide of Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital and largest city of Thailand, as well as the third-largest city in Southeast Asia. There are numerous must-see attractions in Bangkok, such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Chinatown, etc. In addition, Bangkok offers an abundance of experiences, including tasting delicious Thai cuisine, enjoying a luxurious spa, wandering market stalls, and more. Coming next, I will share with you some of the most recommended sites to visit and things to do. Treat them as inspirations for your Thailand tour!

1. The Grand Palace

As the most famous landmark in Bangkok, the Grand Palace is undoubtedly a must-see sight. Since 1782, it was the official residence of the Thai King. Although the king has not lived here since 1925, this magnificent palace is still used for official activities. It is the best preserved and largest national palace of all dynasties in Thailand.

The palace has a combined area of 218,400 square meters with numerous buildings, halls, gardens, and courtyards. It is divided into several quarters, from the east to the west, there are green tile ridges, purplish red glazed tile roofs, and crested cornices, which integrate the architectural art of Thailand for hundreds of years.

The Grand PalaceThe Grand Palace

2. Wat Pho

As Wat Pho houses the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand with a 46-meter-long reclining Buddha, it has become one of the most visited Buddhist temples in Bangkok. It became King Rama I's the main temple because he rebuilt the temple complex on an earlier temple site. The temple was later expanded and extensively renovated by Rama III.

Wat Pho is not only attracting victors because of its history and culture, but it is where medical science and educational institutes combined. Wat Pho was listed in UNESCO's Memory of the World (MOW) as a documentary heritage for the Asian-Pacific Region.

Not only that, but Wat Pho is also called "the nation's first public university," for its 1,360 marble inscriptions about medical, historical, and liberal sciences places around the temple. The local people can learn it at any time. What's more, there is a Thai medicine known as the birthplace of traditional Thai massage. If we go there, we still can see people teaching and practicing at the temple.

Wat PhoWat Pho

3. Bangkok Art and Culture Center

If Bangkok's magnificent palaces and temples bring you visual fatigue, maybe Bangkok Art and Culture Center is the best place for you to have a relaxing time by surrounding the world of art, music, theater, and film. Besides, it’s free for people to visit the center, except for some special events such as concerts. There are many exhibitions hosted in the center, including ever-changing exhibitions from both Thai and international artists.

Bangkok Art and Culture Center is a world away from the busy streets outside. It is quiet for art lovers to find inspiration in the artwork. If you are tired of public galleries and libraries, there are some unique cafés. How wonderful it is to hold coffee and be surrounded by art. You can spend an hour or a few hours or even half a day here!

4. Chinatown

There are many countries with Chinatowns, but Bangkok Chinatown is definitely unique. The core of Chinatown locates on Yaowarat Road, which is often referred to as Yaowarat. When night falls and the lights are on in Chinatown, a bustling scene will appear in front of everyone. Are you ready to start a wonderful food exploration tour?

The strong Chaoshan style is the biggest feature of Bangkok's Chinatown. Therefore, the restaurants here mainly focus on Chaoshan flavor, and there are various Cantonese snacks, such as pork feet, stewed eggs, fish balls, and fried noodles.

5. Chatuchak Weekend Market

People often say that if you want to know more about the life of the local people, you should go to the local market. So, if you want to taste local special food and engage further with local people and culture, there is a good place you have to go, which is Chatuchak Weekend Market. The Chatuchak Weekend Market is the largest market in Thailand with 8,000 stalls categorized into 30 sections. The market is so huge and varied that it can be described as probably "anything you can think of can be bought here". Tourists visiting here generally buy some souvenirs and special snacks to give to friends, such as animal coin banks, figurine cups, woodwork, dried mangoes, and dried durians.

6. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

The floating market is another feature of Thailand, where Thai people can perfectly display their natural folk customs, pure character, and talent. There are many floating markets in Bangkok, Damnoen Saduak Floating market is one of the most famous and highly photographed. It is often considered the most famous floating market. The market has been featured in several films. Female traders generally wear traditional clothes with wide-brimmed straw hats to sell their wares on the mall’s wooden boats. These boats are often full of vegetables and colorful fruits. The market is the busiest in the morning from 07:00 to 09:00 and is active until noon.

Damnoen Saduak Floating MarketDamnoen Saduak Floating Market

1. Indulge at a Spa

Bangkok is actually one of the world's best places to get pampered, and Thai massage and spa treatments are now renowned worldwide. A spa in Bangkok is a very worthwhile experience, especially when you're tired of visiting plenty of attractions. In the City of Angels, as there are just so many options to choose from, even the most upscale of spas, you can relax for several hours with just a few hundred baht.

2. Learn to Cook Thai Dishes

Bangkok is a city well known for its food. If you are a fan of Thai food, you must be so excited when you come to Thailand that you can't stop eating. Although now we can eat Thai cuisine all around the world since you have come to Bangkok, why don't you try to learn how to cook authentic Thai food so that you can do it yourself after you go home?

3. A Tuk-Tuk Ride Around Bangkok

In Bangkok, there is a special form of transportation that can be seen everywhere, which is the tuk-tuk. How did the tuk-tuk get its name? They are believed to get their out-of-the-ordinary name from the sound the engines make. It has become the symbol of street culture in Thailand and one of the activities that tourists must experience when they come to Thailand When the tuk-tuk rings, it means that your trip to Thailand begins!

4. Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise

Dining by the Cruise is another way to experience the City of Angles. Imagine how cozy you enjoy a Thai and international buffet on a luxury 5-Star Cruise in such a wonderful atmosphere, with a wonderful Live Show surrounding you as well as the beautiful night scenery on both sides of the Chao Phraya River.

1. What should I avoid in Bangkok?

Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand. Many famous scenic spots are magnificent temples. Therefore, when we visit temples, it is important to avoid some matters, making sure that we are conservative in dress, such as the length of pants or skirts cannot be above the knee.

2. Is Bangkok a safe place to visit?

Bangkok is considered the capital city with a low level of crime, in general, Bangkok is quite safe. But we should keep alert about our surroundings, no matter which city we visit.

3. What are the best places to visit in Bangkok at night?

Except for a wild tuk-tuk tour at night or a romantic dinner on the Chao Phraya River, there are many wonderful ways to spend a night in the capital of Thailand.

The nightlife in Bangkok is unbeatable, especially when you sit on a rooftop bar with a cocktail overlooking the gorgeous city below. What's more, if you go to Bangkok and don't walk down Khao San Road at night, you'll miss a lot. Khao San Road has gained a reputation all over the world for its cheap street food, budget accommodations, endless souvenir shops, and lively bars.

4. What are the best places in Bangkok for shopping?

Some places mentioned above, such as Chinatown and Chatuchak Weekend Market, are suitable places for shopping. We can buy souvenirs or small gifts there. If you're a shopaholic who likes to go to the big mall, Icon Siam Shopping Mall will make your dream come true. Located on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, it spans seven uniquely designed floors, with a magnificent collection of wide and varied stores. In addition, the Ma Boon Khrong Center and Siama whole Paragon are also available.

Bangkok is a must-visit for any Thailand tour. No matter whether you prefer to spend your morning in the magnificent Grand Palace, the afternoon in the Icon Siam Shopping Mall, or the bustling Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise night, Odynovo can help you plan a tailor-made trip that suits your travel style and interests.

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