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Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Winner 2024
Switzerland Tours

Switzerland Tours

Enjoy the Spectacular Views of the Swiss Alps

Why Travel to Switzerland

Switzerland, with its magnificent snowy landscape, quiet pastoral scenery, avant-garde pop culture, and extraordinary shopping experience, attracts travelers from all over the world. Take the alpine train through the snowy mountains and admire the Jungfrau with stunning scenery at Interlaken. Feel the charm of art in Zurich, which has dozens of museums and hundreds of art galleries, and splendid nightlife throughout Switzerland. Get on the Golden Pass, and the beautiful scenery of Switzerland will stretch out in front of you like a moving picture. The exciting train rides, palatable fondues, ski trips, cheese, and chocolates... If there is a country closest to fairy tales in the real world, it is undoubtedly here!
    CAPITAL Bern
    CURRENCY Swiss Franc
    LANGUAGES German, French,
    Italian, Romansh

Switzerland Tours

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Best Places to Visit in Switzerland


Geneva is reputed for its profound humanitarian tradition, colorful cultural activities, grand conferences and exhibitions, mouth-watering food, and fresh scenery. As a well-known international metropolis, the city served as the League of Nations' headquarter between the two world wars. Today, Geneva also houses the headquarters of the Red Cross, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations Office. In terms of tourism, the fountain on the Geneva Lake (Jet d'Eau) can eject a 140-meter-high spray, which is a symbol of Geneva and the pride of the local people. In addition, Flower Clock and Rhone Street (Rue du Rhône) are also must-see attractions in the city.


    As the lovely town is the starting and terminating point of Switzerland's world-famous "Glacier Train," it has become a popular tourist attraction. It’s also adjacent to the 4478m-high Matterhorn, whose steel-like pyramid shape makes it one of Europe's most iconic peaks.


    Picturesque towns, Jungfraujoch-the roof of Europe, the crystal-clear water of Lake Rienz, world-class snow activities, the Alpine traditions and customs, moments of happiness... all these make the Bernese Oberland the most attractive and colorful districts in Switzerland!

  • BERN

    Bern is Switzerland's political and economic hub and the seat of the Swiss Confederation's government. It was founded at the end of the 12th century and has a history dating back over 800 years. In 1983 Bern's Old Town was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


    It has long been a favorite vacation destination for European artists, including George Gordon Byron, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, and Charles Dickens, who have all lived, resided, or worked here. Lausanne is therefore recognized as the "International Cultural City".

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