How to Plan a Honeymoon Tour in South Korea

What do you think is the best place to have a honeymoon trip? An island with blue coastlines and swaying palm trees, or a bustling metropolis where you can enjoy glorious shopping centers, colorful city lights, and delicious local food heartily? In fact, in the temperate regions of Asia, under the warm currents of the Pacific, there is a country that allows you to experience both urban and natural pleasures: South Korea. Nowadays, more and more newlyweds choose South Korea as their honeymoon destination. This article will introduce how to plan a honeymoon tour to South Korea.

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a city with a dazzling array of shopping malls, exquisite Korean specialties, and romantic venues fit for couples' dating; Jeju Island, has beaches, hills, and cherry blossoms without being disturbed by hustle and bustle, which also makes it a splendid filming location for many Korean TV series; Gyeongju, an open-air museum where you can discover the history of this enchanting country; Busan, a coastal city where you can easily find cozy beaches and authentic restaurants with fresh seafood to taste.

As an economically prosperous metropolis, Seoul has plenty of attractions to explore. Surrounded by low hills and crossed by the broad Hangang River, it provides pleasant dating places that have appeared in South Korean TV series, such as Hangang River Park and N Seoul Tower, as well as a large number of shops that will let you shop and revel in the gorgeous lights at night.

Go Shopping on Sinasa-Dong Garosugil Street

Located in Gangnam district, it is a popular shopping street with ginkgo trees planted on both sides. Here you can select all kinds of fashionable, exquisite clothes, bags, and cosmetics together. This street gathers a series of popular local brands, such as TAMBRINS, ADER, and GENTLE MONSTER. Sinasa-Dong Garosugil Street is more popular among local fashion lovers, where except for fashion shops, there are many intricate cafes where you can have a rest, enjoy snacks, and chat in the mild night together.

Have a Sightseeing Beside the Hangang River

Here you can watch the endless blue river, take a warm sunshine bath, and enjoy a leisurely afternoon. The wide lawn filled with fresh air is a good place to lie down and have a rest. Either bring some drinks and food to serve yourselves or try some South Korean snacks nearby. At night, you can see glimmering lights on the bank falling onto the river, and colorful fountains on the bridge scattering water in the air. Ships on the river come and go every day by which you can slowly go across the dark blue river and enjoy the night of Seoul in a pleasant breeze.

Spend a Romantic Night at N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower, a pointed tower on the Namsan mountain with lush vegetation, is the first choice for many South Korean couples to have a date. On spring days, there will be a sea of pink cherry blossoms under the blue sky. At nightfall, standing on the tower, you can watch a golden sunset and fiery patches of clouds with your lover until the city of Seoul is lit by colorful lights. You can enjoy snacks and ice cream parlors in the pretty cafes. What's more, there is a romantic wall where countless heart-shaped locks are hung, which is believed to keep everlasting love.

Take Photos in Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung is an ancient Korean-style palace left over from the Joseon Dynasty, as well as the most magnificent palace in South Korea. Here you can also try on Korean traditional costumes with beautiful ornaments and take some photos with this splendid building, in which the exterior wall is painted red, and vivid dragons and colorful auspicious clouds are carved on the eaves. The square cloisters, arched gates, and pavilions beside pools are all of great eastern beauty.

Visit Gyeongbokgung with Traditional CostumeVisit Gyeongbokgung with Traditional Costume

Have Entertainment in Everland

Located in the nearby city of Incheon, Everland is an entertainment park surrounded by hills and dense vegetation. Many couples like to take the Ferris wheel at night, where you slowly rise up to the sky and take a panorama of the joyful, bright Everland. There are brilliant fireworks performances on mild nights, boutiques of elegant tulips, and a blooming rose garden. For those who prefer physical thrills, it has cable cars, drifting, and roller coasters. What's more, there is a wild animal world with pandas, giraffes, etc.

The Westin Josun in Seoul

This famous hotel is located near N Seoul Tower, close to the Gyeongbok Palace. As an old-brand hotel that has been running for many years, it has attentive and considerate service. What's more, the hotel contains a bar, swimming pool, and cafe, as well as a dining hall that provides rich food, including Korean food, Western food, Japanese food, Chinese food, and so on. And the famous Myeongdong commercial zone is just a 10-minute walk away.

Grand Hyatt Seoul

This luxury hotel is also located near the N Seoul Tower, which is a very popular hotel in South Korea. In the kitted-out center hall, you can enjoy a broad, terrific horizon where you can overlook the beautiful Seoul Tower and the Hangang River on a charming night. It also has excellent outdoor facilities, including swimming pools in summer, ice rinks in winter, and fireworks displays during festivals, which are suitable entertainment for a couple.

Four Points by Sheraton

This upscale hotel is located in Gangnam District, close to Sinasa-Dong Garosugil Street and Coex Mall, so it is convenient to go shopping. As a newly opened hotel, its decoration is full of modern style. You can see the unique design matching the gorgeous night of Sinasa-Dong. In addition, the hotel contains a sunny outdoor balcony, a swimming pool, hearty breakfasts and other convenient facilities.

Hotel Sky Park Central Myeongdong

This upscale hotel is at an excellent location, near the Myeongdong Commercial District and close to N Seoul Tower, Hangang Park, the Gyeongbokgung Palace. It's also not far from the subway station and airport. The highlight is its special rooms called princess houses where you can have a sweet rest in lovely pink decorations.

Jeju is famous for its natural landscapes, a good place to transfer to the blue coastlines beside the gray rocky mountains and enjoy leisure accompanied by mild sunlight on the azure island.

Wander in the Seogwipo Tea Garden

Seogwipo Tea Garden has vast expanses of tea plants stretching extremely to the horizon, thus it becomes a wonderful place to take some sweet couple photos. Also, there are many cafes in the garden serving tea desserts, cookies, and tea milk. Besides, in the DIY shops, you can make some cute handcrafts as your souvenirs, like impressions and soaps.

Watch an Ocean of Cherry Blossoms

As a warm island, Jeju has several wonderful places to see cherry blossoms in spring, the most beautiful of which is Lusan Road, located in a suburb with fewer tourists. In the spring, along the straight road, you'll see an ocean of pink cherry blossoms accompanied by boundless golden rapeseed flowers. Wander in a sea of pink and gold flowers with your lover, surrounded by a brimming fragrance. Dress up in your favorite clothes and take some beautiful photos in the flower fields to leave precious memories.

Lusan Road, Jeju IslandLusan Road, Jeju Island

Enjoy the Breathtaking Seongsan Sunrise Peak

Seongsan Sunrise Peak is a huge, rugged peak covered by verdant plants. When you stand on the peak, what comes to your eyes is a blue mirror of water meeting the green hills. The most beautiful view is in the morning when presently the sun emerges in the hazy horizon, and scatters golden lights on the peaceful island. Everything here is pure without pollution, which brings perfect relaxation for a honeymoon.

Have a Cycling Around Cow Island

Cow Island is an outlying island of Jeju, with white beaches and gravel roads that have appeared in many famous Korean TV series. Surrounded by blue waters and gentle breezes, Cow Island is absolutely suitable for cycling, where a couple can enjoy an undisturbed, sweet day.

Parnas Hotel Jeju

This five-star hotel, opening in 2022, is located in Seogwipo. Its vibrant seaside grassland is the place where many South Korean stars hold weddings. The decoration in the hotel is full of artistic design as if it were an art museum rather than a hotel. Delicious food and delicate afternoon tea are served, and the blue sea of Jeju is just outside the window.

Ocean Suites Jeju Hotel

This upscale hotel is close to the Jeju International Airport with abundant sea-view rooms. Wake up in the morning to see the vast sea and the distant Hannah Mountain through the floor glass. The hotel has gyms, bars, and ATMs. Also, there are supermarkets, coffee shops, and roast pork restaurants nearby.

Hotel Alice & Trunk

This is an upscale hotel located in the urban center of Jeju. It only takes 10 minutes from the airport to the hotel. You can explore delicious food in the nearby business district in the evening. Most importantly, it has rooms with different themes, each of which is beautifully decorated. It also has a large parking lot.

Hotel Aroha

This hotel is located near Seongsan Sunrise Peak and Cow Island. You can see the beautiful sunrise breaking through the horizon after a 10-minute morning ramble. It is also located at the seaside, with a wonderful coastline view.

For a warm and fancy honeymoon experience, the best time in South Korea for a honeymoon is from March to May. During this time, the spring sunshine is warm enough to bring cherry blossoms and lush tea gardens, so you can enjoy the most beautiful natural scenery of Jeju Island and the Hangang River. Also, a mild climate is suitable for shopping in Seoul. Besides, coming in June to October is also a good choice, when the climate is warmer, and you can enjoy the inexhaustible sunshine and white beach in Jeju. November to February is a period suitable for city sightseeing, during which you can also take advantage of less crowd for a romantic couple's world and bargain prices for a long sweet vacation.

  • Round plugs are used in South Korea. If you have not used this plug before, remember to bring a converter.
  • Camera. You may want to collect sweet memories in some picturesque places, so remember to bring a large-capacity camera.
  • Carsickness medicine. The terrain of Jeju Island is undulating. People who are prone to carsickness should take some carickness medicine.
  • Bring warm clothes. Jeju Island in spring has warm sunshine, but the temperature is still quite low, so do bring some warm clothes.
  • Take your passport with you when hanging out because there are age restrictions in some places, such as bars and ferries in Hangang River.

South Korea, a romantic land with both urban fantasies and countryside beauties. The capital Seoul, as one of the most prosperous cities, has streets adorned by dazzling lights and fashionable malls where anyone, despite strolling all night, seems to feel tireless; Away from the bustle, the peaceful island of Jeju will embrace you with cherry blossoms fluttering in the air and verdant tea gardens emitting a faint fragrance; Come to South Korea, which will create the sweetest memory in your life.

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