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Peru Travel Guide 2024

Explore Peru's History and Culture, Nature and Artificial Wonders

Hiking along the Inca Trail to immerse yourself in the majestic lost Inca empire, to feel the wisdom of ancient Inca people by appreciating the magnificent ancient metropolis. Swimming with the pink dolphin in the Amazon Rainforest, trek the Andean Mountains to delve into the local culture and appreciate the scenic view along the road. Taste the world-known gastronomy, savor some flavor you have never imagined.

This country provides you with diverse experiences. With this ultimate guide, it will help you to start your perfect Peru tour.

Things to Know Before Visiting Machu Picchu

Best Time in Peru: When to Visit

There are three different types of terrain in Peru: coastal desert, snow-capped high mountains, and rainforest. The weather in these three different parts may be different at the same time of the year. This makes Peru an ideal destination that you can visit anytime to see different landscapes.

The dry season (between May and October) is the best time to visit Peru, which guarantees you sunshine and a bright blue sky during the day, and chill at night. It is perfect for hiking the Andeans to appreciate the lagoons and snow-capped summits, especially from June to August.

From November to April is the rainy season with fewer tourists, and January and February are the wettest months in Peru. Though it is not that suitable for trekking, you can still visit Machu Picchu during this period. You will enjoy the attractions with fewer tourists. It is also a good opportunity to explore some smaller tributaries of the Amazon River because the water level will be high during the rainy season.

Must-Do's in Peru

  • Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

    Known as one of the 10 best hikes in the world, the Inca trail provides you an opportunity to explore the natural landscape and ancient culture of this wonderful country with your feet. This journey might not be in your comfort zone, but it won't be that hard to conquer with a seasoned guide and the local porters. Escaping from daily routines, accepting your exhausted body, and being healed.

  • Venture to the Sacred Valley

    Immerse into the Inca culture by appreciating archaeological wonders, hiking to the ancient Inca ruins, and learning the ancient agricultural history. You can also interact with hospitable locals to get to know the authentic Peruvian life. The excursion to Sacred Valley provides a chance to take a glimpse of the Inca Empire and stunning natural scenery of Peru.

  • Explore the Culture of Cusco

    Cusco is more than a gateway to Machu Picchu. It is the ancient Inca capital where you can still feel the pulse of the Inca empire by walking along the country to see the cobbled streets and touch the Inca stonework. Explore the unique cathedrals, convents, and other gorgeous architecture in the Inca streets. See the blends of Inca, Spanish, and modern culture in this vibrant city.

  • Adventure of Amazon Rainforest

    Adventuring to one of the most mysterious rainforests in the world must be a unique experience for most travelers. Closely observe the thriving vegetations by hiking through the dense forest, swim with the pink dolphin in the river of Amazon, attend a short excursion to appreciate immense variety of fauna and flora and create lifelong memories.

  • Taste the Award-winning Gastronomy

    Peru's gastronomy is acclaim as one of the best of the world. Peruvian food blends diverse flavors including Spanish, African, and Asian! This country boast abundant biodiversity. Take potato as an example. Peru has more than 4000 species of potatoes! Embark on your culinary adventure in Peru, you won't be disappointed!

Popular Destinations in Peru

  • Plaza San Martín, Lima
  • Cuzco Main Square
  • Arequipa Plaza De Armas
  • Take a Boat Ride on Lake Titicaca, Puno

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