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Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Winner 2024
Panama Tours & Vacations

Panama Tours & Vacations

Tailor-Made & Private | Discover the Mighty Panama Canal

Why Travel to Panama

For a small country, Panama has much to offer on a private trip. Except for the world-famous Panama Canal which connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean, a vacation to Panama can be filled with sandy-beached islands, steamy jungle rainforest cut by pristine waterfalls, splendid colonial towns, and cool, misty mountain valleys spread with coffee plantations. Experience the contrasts of Panama in our fantastic adventures and create a memory that will last for a lifetime.
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Best Places to Visit in Panama

Panama Canal
The 65-kilometer-long Panama Canal, one of the modern world's seven wonders, is a vital route that connects the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Tourists typically visit the canal from the viewing platform next to the locks, such as the Pacific-side Miraflores Locks and the Atlantic-side Agua Clara Locks, which provide the opportunity to witness the entire lockage process. Moreover, traveling via the Panama Canal Railway's vintage sightseeing train is also a worthwhile way to see the canal, with leisure and cozy atmosphere created by its old-fashioned green carriages, glass roofs, and open carriages.
  • Panama City
    Situated at the Pacific end of the Panama Canal, the city is Panama's political and economic hub. Established by the Spaniards in 1519, it served as the base for the Spanish Empire's colonization of the Inca Empire. The famous Casco Viejo is a witness to the colonial history.
  • Boquete
    Boquete is a charming town hidden in a little valley beneath the protection of Volcan Baru. Hiking in the nearby Quercus woodland provides excellent chances to spot wildlife and birds. Due to its volcanic ash soil and cool climate, it also produces one of the top cafes in the world.
  • Chiriqui Gulf
    It's a pristine Pacific gulf, sometimes referred to as "the lost coast," and it's a paradise for ocean recreation whether you want to go hiking, rock fishing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, having a culinary lesson, taking a boat ride, or viewing whales and dolphins. It provides all.
  • Bocas Del Toro
    Adjacent to the Caribbean Sea, it's a small archipelago off the coast of Panama, boasting endless sea, stunning rural beauty, and magnificent sunset experience. Indulging in the simple and lazy atmosphere, it is no wonder that the place is a pilgrimage site for every island lover.

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