Best Things to See and Do in Morocco by Month

As a country in South Africa, there are many things to do and see in Morocco, such as the great Hassan II Mosque near the coast, and the vast Sahara desert with mysteries to be explored. What's more, while the warm and humid winds that blow from the sea change the weather in Morocco, they also bring refreshment to this coastal country, from the shores of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean to the villages under the Atlas mountain, from the soft white sands of the beaches to the golden sands of the desert. No matter when you visit this country, you'll catch incredible views. Here we'll show you the attractions and experiences Morocco has to offer by month.

With cooler temperatures, January is a pleasant month to explore the spectacular landscape of the Agafay Desert, go on a camel ride, go quad biking, or go bivouacking in the Sahara. The Grand Atlas Mountains are great for hiking, but it's important to keep in mind that heavy rains may cause rivers to swell, closing off access to certain paths, and because of the snow, it is risky.

The pleasant weather of this month makes it agreeable to sightsee the bustling streets and the souks of Marrakech or wander around the architectural jewels and historical wealth of Fes. At this time of the year, the visibility is good and the landscape is gorgeous, all the perfect conditions for making spectacular photos.

Bustling Souks of MarrakechBustling Souks of Marrakech

In contrast to the sweltering summertime temperatures, the desert is a pleasant place to visit in February. Benefit from the shorter nights and longer days by going on a quad-biking, extreme adventure, or hiking excursion. When the weather is nice and the visibility is good, it's the perfect moment to take photos.

February is definitely a great time for you to leisure on Morocco's beautiful beaches, or you can wander around historical treasures like Volubilis and Meknes in Fes, the Medina in Essaouira, or the souks of Marrakesh.

The option to go skiing is also available. Get yourself to Oukameden, a little town in the Atlas Mountains approximately 55 miles south of Marrakech, and you'll find a basic snowsports complex with a few different downhill courses.

Enjoy a night under the stars with a camel ride and other adventurous activities in the Agafay or Sahara Desert, but just remember to pack warm clothes for the evening bonfire. Another option is to arrange a trekking trip to the nearby Riff or Grand Atlas. Venture off the main road and see less-well-known treks and Berber settlements, but you'll need the right clothing since snowfall is possible at higher altitudes.

Marrakesh, Fes, Rabat, and Meknes, these cultural wonders and UNESCO World Heritage sites, are less crowded in March, making it a pleasant time to visit museums and other cultural attractions.

When visiting Morocco from April to March, you can do just about everything without worrying about the weather.

It is almost the end of spring, so pack up your tent and sleeping bags for a last desert adventure before the scorching hot season, and don't forget the sunblock and drink.

You should absolutely visit Kalaat M'Gouna, a beautiful green valley with millions of roses for the annual harvest. This is a great event to take part in, and the area draws many visitors because it is peaceful.

You may escape the hustle and bustle of the city and make your way to the seashore or go hiking in the Riff and the High Atlas. This period marks the peak season in Morocco, especially May, and ancient cities including Marrakesh, Rabat, and Fes are usually the most crowded.

Be an early bird if you want to visit the attractions in a major location like Fes, or take a day excursion to a less-crowded place like Volubilis for a chance to appreciate your tour.

Atlas MountainsAtlas Mountains

This month is ideal for hiking in the Rocky Mountains or diving in the seaside, but avoid the Sahara Desert because it is extremely hot at this time of year. If you are planning to visit the imperial cities, make sure to wake up early, bring enough water, and put on your sunscreen. Do your touring in that area or in Marrakesh early in the morning, and then escape to the Highlands or the seaside for some peace and fresh air.

Beginning in June, summertime brings warmer weather and more crowds, making it perfect for leisure at the beach.

The weather is extremely hot during this period, so journey through the highlands, unwind on the seaside beneath a large parasol, or go touring the imperial cities. If you are planning to tour the innerland, keep in mind that you should wake up early to beat the crowd and the heat, pack up extra water, and put on some sunscreen. The best option in this case will be to visit museums and include many spots with air conditioners on your itinerary where you can relax a little bit before continuing your day.

No matter what your plans are or where you are headed, make sure to stay close to the beaches and book a hotel with a swimming pool. When trekking in the Atlas Mountains, the Dades River rising there is a great place to cool off and relax for a while.

Eventually, in September, the weather is changing for the better, and it is the perfect occasion to tour the country and take part in several events. This is a great time for touring the medieval city of Fes and visiting its medina and market. You can also visit the tremendous Casablanca and make great photos at the same exact spot where great movies like Alexander, Gladiator, or Babel were shot. The northern romantic blue city of Chefchaouen is also a must-see during this month; the weather is perfect for exploring the blue city's streets and blue medina, shopping for handmade goods, and taking lots of photos.

Blue City of ChefchaouenBlue City of Chefchaouen

Additionally, this is a fantastic time of year for recreational pursuits that include both water sports and trekking. The beaches along the Atlantic Coast are at a good temperature after a scorching summer, making them cool places to cool down from daylong touring. In the Atlas Mountains, think about taking a hike through Todra Gorge, where you may then bathe in the warm waters of the Todra River to cool down.

The period from October through November launches the great harvest season in the communities of the Grand Atlas Mountains. Apples, saffron, and dates are the predominant crops in the harvest. Traveling to this area is a great choice for mixing climbing with learning about the harvest ceremonies, as well as enjoying the products of the harvest. This is a great time to go on a walk or trek around the area.

The beginning of November will be ideal for serious hikers to test themselves by climbing Mount Tubkal, the highest point in the High Atlas at 4167 meters.Located on the southwestern edge of the Atlas Mountains, Todra Gorge is a fascinating blend of climbing and cultural enrichment for those looking for a more adventurous tour.

Surfers can be seen in large numbers taming the massive waves all along the coastlines this season. As one would expect, the southern hemisphere has great weather, making it an ideal place for novices.

Visiting the desert in December is a great experience. When compared to the scorching hot months, December's pleasant temperatures are ideal for adventures in the desert and relaxing by a fireside under the open sky. Mountaineering is also enjoyable at this time of year; however, prolonged hikes are better attempted under the guidance of a local expert due to the shorter sunlight hours.

In metropolitan areas, however, outside the Christmas bustle, the month of December is perfect for touring, particularly cultural attractions, without worrying about the early nightfall.

This is Morocco, a country you can visit all year round and which will make you feel different every time you come. We hope you have found your destination to start your Morocco tour with this monthly attraction. If you are still undecided, please contact us and let Odynovo know your needs and plan your trip.

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