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Why Travel to Laos

When it comes to Laos, what comes to our mind may be the scene of the range-robed monks walking along the streets of the Luang Prabang to collect alms from the local residents. Yeah, this alms-giving ritual at dawn is the main reason for most travelers. But, beyond Luang Prabang, landlocked Laos has more beauty. Small but enchanting cities, golden Buddhist temples, incredible mountain sceneries, untouched hill-tribe villages, peaceful local lifestyles, and stunning beaches, all together prove utterly charming for those who looking for a laid-back experience on a rural escape.

    CAPITAL Vientiane
    CURRENCY Lao Kip

Laos Private Tours

Unsure of where to start when planning your Laos tour? Browse our sample itineraries curated by destination experts and let us design a Laos itinerary to match your personal interests and needs.

Southeast Asia Tours Including Laos

Interested in a Laos tour taking in parts of Thailand, Cambodia, or Vietnam? Get inspired by browsing through some of our most popular multi-country trips below. Then your personal travel expert will help you plan a lifetime journey.

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Best Places to Visit in Laos

Luang Prabang
Looking for the most touristy place in Laos? Visit Luang Prabang, a wonderful base for roaming around some of the most well-known attractions in the country. At the center of Luang Prabang is a hill, offering stunning views of the whole city with fascinating temples, rock outcrops, and the mighty Mekong. Then explore Wat Xieng Thong, remaining a prominent legacy of Lao culture, tradition, and art. If you get up early, witness the morning alms-giving ritual, where the locals offer food to columns of monastics covered in orange frocks, for the purpose to gain merit for the afterlife. 20 kilometers away, lies the glorious Kuang Si Falls with azure pools for you to bathe in.
  • Vientiane
    Touring the main attractions of the city provides you with a better understanding of Laotian history and culture. From Patuxay Monument reflecting French colonial history to Wat Sisaket, one of the oldest surviving temples in Lao.
  • Xieng Khouang
    The area is home to the Plain of Jars, the most unique prehistoric site in SE Asia, famed for 2,100+ stone jars dating back to the Iron Age, which is used for ancient funerary practices. The civilization that created these remains a mystery.
  • Pakse
    As one of the largest cities in the southern part of Laos, many travelers come here to then travel onwards to Wat Phu, Tad Lo Waterfall, or neighboring exotic villages. In addition to that, the view of nature here is also breathtaking.
  • Khong Island
    Why not spend some time here and relieve your fatigue, as the place offers a casual riverside atmosphere with therapeutic nature. Relaxing by the Liphi Waterfall and Khone Falls is a must-do experience here.

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