Japan Fall Foliage 2024

Colorful Autumn Leaves Tours, Sightseeing Guide & FAQ

Planning a fall foliage tour during the enchanting autumn in Japan? A golden world awaits you to explore! As the leaves change, Japan transforms into a mesmerizing painting with vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold.

If you need an ideal travel plan, here is your guide filled with valuable insights and tips to enhance your journey. From rolling hills to traditional temples, we'll show you the best locations for a visual feast. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, read on to discover the colorful autumn of Japan.

Japan Fall Foliage Map
Japan Fall Foliage Map

Best Fall Foliage Tour 2024

If you are interested in ancient architecture, head to Kyoto for the stunning fall foliage against the backdrop of historic temples or traditional gardens. Intend to cruise on the lake? Consider Hakone for viewing the vivid fall foliage by taking a boat leisurely. For outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and cultural immersion, the Kumano Kodo trails offer a unique way to enjoy autumn colors. We encompass all destinations showcasing the beauty of autumn colors.

Best Places to See Fall Foliage

As the symbol of Japanese fall, autumn leaves like a beast with gorgeous fur, surrounding Japan from north to south quickly when it smells a hint of autumn. Where to hunt it? Whether the pure white waterfall decorated with flaming maple leaves or the panoramic vistas of Mt. Fuji framed by fiery fall foliage, here are all the top attractions for you to pick your favor.

  • Where to See the Autumn Leaves in Kyoto
    Kyoto's autumn foliage is one of the most popular and particular in Japan that attracts tourists from all over the world. Enjoying the autumn leaves of Kyoto along with the elegant streets and historical buildings will become a unique experience.
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  • Japan Autumn Leaves: How to Plan A Fall Foliage Tour
    The ultimate travel guide with everything you need to know to plan your next Japan autumn leaves journey, including the 2024 fall foliage forecast, the best time and places to visit, a sample 12-day itinerary to capture the fall colors, and more.
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    Chasing Color in the Splendor of Fall

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    Fall Symphony Through Japan's Vibrant Foliage

    Step into tranquil gardens adorned with vibrant autumn leaves to immerse yourself in an antique atmosphere. You won't want to miss the vibrant carpet of fallen leaves beneath your feet. Witness the enchanting maple leaves dancing on both sides of the lake, with the majestic Mount Fuji dressed in snowy white on the opposite, creating such a distinct contrast that you'll get lost in its beauty.

    Japan Fall Foliage FAQs

    • What Month Are Fall Foliage in Japan?

      From late September to early December. In Japan, Autumn leaves typically change color in late September on the northernmost island, Hokkaido. In the southern of Japan, like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nara, autumn colors can be enjoyed around mid-October. The hues gradually become intense, reaching a peak around mid-November. However, in higher altitude areas, the foliage may change color earlier.

    • What to Wear in Japan During Autumn?
      • September (20°C to 30°C): a shirt or a dress
      • October (15°C to 25°C): a long-sleeve shirt or a light sweater
      • November (10°C to 20°C): mid-weight pants and a jacket, sweater or coat

      The daytime temperatures provide ideal conditions for outdoor activities. Given the significant temperature changes, it's a good idea to carry additional clothes when you plan to be outdoors until evening.

    • Is Japan Crowded in Autumn?

      Popular areas like Kyoto can be crowded but breathtaking for fall foliage viewing. You may consider visiting less-known destinations if you prefer silence. Furthermore, people in Japan have holidays in late September. It's necessary to book in advance and schedule your activities in the proper period to avoid weekends and holidays. Additionally, arriving early in the morning or later in the afternoon can help avoid crowds at popular attractions.

    • Is Japan Expensive During the Fall Foliage Season?

      With increased tourism during the fall foliage season, Japan can be relatively expensive. Prices for accommodations, transportation, and activities may be higher, especially in popular tourist destinations and during peak foliage times. However, the mild weather creates a comfortable atmosphere for enjoying the kaleidoscope of colors in Japan's fall.

    • How Far in Advance Should I Book a Japanese Fall Foliage Tour?

      Autumn leaves attract thousands of travelers to Japan. It's recommended to book at least 4 to 6 months in advance, especially if you have specific travel dates or preferences. We can provide customized services to arrange the most suitable autumn leaves tour for you.

    • What Is the Color of the Fall in Japan?

      Due to the numerous kinds of deciduous trees in Japan, you can witness a diverse range of autumn hues.

      • Red and Orange: Japanese maples, rowan, burning bush, Japanese sumac, Japanese zelkova, and Chinese tallow.
      • Golden and Yellow: Ginkgo, Japanese beech, Japanese larch, Japanese elms and poplars.
      • Brown: Although not as vibrant as other colors, some leaves turning shades of brown still contribute to the breathtaking autumn landscape.
    • What Tradition Do the Japanese Follow in Autumn?

      In Japan, autumn is a season rich in cultural traditions and celebrations. Include:

      • Momijigari: Momiji refers to the phenomenon of leaves turning shades of red, orange, and yellow in autumn, while momijigari refers to fall leaves viewing. It is a popular tradition in Japan similar to cherry blossom viewing in spring.
      • Tsukimi: Tsukimi, or moon viewing, is a custom often held during the full moon in September. People gather with family and friends to appreciate the beauty of the moon.
      • Aki Matsuri: Aki Matsuri, or harvest festivals, are held to give thanks for the bounty of the season and to pray for a successful harvest, featuring traditional performances and seasonal delicacies.
    • What Are the Specific Foods of Japan's Autumn Leaves Season?

      You may not be satisfied with enjoying fall leaves through your eyes. Be sure to savor the unique flavors of this season's foods, which are associated with autumn foliage or inspired by the colors of fall. Here are several delights:

      • Momiji Tempura: It consists of maple leaves dipped in a light batter and deep-fried until crispy.
      • Maple Leaf-Shaped Treats: You can find various sweets and snacks shaped like maple leaves.
      • Ginkgo Nuts: They are often used in traditional Japanese cuisine for their distinct flavor.


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