How to Explore the Best of Israel in One Week?

Israel, located in western Asia, is a country with a thriving religious culture. It has the ancient city of Jerusalem, known as the most significant shrine of the three major world religions, namely Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, drawing a sizable number of devout believers every year. Many foreign tourists also come to see what a holy place it is with their curiosity and awe to religious culture.

What's more, lying beside the Mediterranean coast, Israel possesses a warm and comfortable climate, bringing natural attractions such as the beautiful coastal city of Tel Aviv, the colorful Haifa Garden with verdant plants, and so on.

If you want to know about ancient religious culture and take in a pleasant climate with charming coastal scenery, then Israel is a good option for you. This article will introduce what you can do when you travel to Israel in one week.

Jerusalem is a shrine for three important religions, and it's the greatest attraction in Israel not to be missed. It's recommended to spend 2 or 3 days in Jerusalem.

Olives Mountain is a small mountain outside Jerusalem, surrounded by lush olive trees. Standing on its viewing platform, you can overlook the whole picture of Jerusalem: the Dome of the Rock, the magnificent walls, and sparse trees constituting the ancient city. In the evening, the scenery on Olives Mountain will turn amazingly beautiful since the whole land will be covered in a red sunset.

Dome of the Rock, considered the place where Muhammad ascended to heaven, is one of the most famous mosques in the world. A King of Jordan once spent $6.5 million on covering its dome with 24 kg of gold foil. What is as gorgeous as the golden dome are those exquisite patterns on the exterior wall and the blue porcelain tiles of Islamic art.

The wailing wall is one of the most famous locations in Jerusalem, which is the only remaining parapet of the ancient Jewish empire. The Jews regard the wailing wall as a significant, holy place. When believers from all over the world come to Jerusalem, they will cry in front of this huge wall, by which to express their condolences for the loss of the ancient empire.

The Sanctum Sepulchrum, also known as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, is the cemetery of Jesus as well as the place where he was resurrected. It includes the cemetery of Jesus, the churches decorated with glorious statues, and a cross on a rock. Everyday, there are many devout believers inside the church making a long queue in order to touch the marble where Jesus lay. On the wall inside are many colorful murals, telling the story of Jesus' crucifixion thousands of years ago.


Tel Aviv is a beautiful coastal city which offers leisure of walking on the white beaches under a mild sunset, putting your feet in the soft sands, and watching the blue waves and palm trees in the warm summer. The unpolluted blue sky and inexhaustible sunshine of the Mediterranean can absolutely cure any tired spirit. You may spend 1 or 2 days experiencing the charm of Tel Aviv.

As a new city with a history of about merely one hundred years, Tel Aviv gathers a large number of young people whose mind has a lot of creativity. Rambling down a Tel Aviv street, you'll see romantic, white buildings standing on both sides with green plants and bright sunshine. People walking on the streets, men and women, old and young, are brimming with freedom and vitality. In May or June, the plants beside the avenue and on the balconies of residential houses are blooming a bouquet of lively flowers. Turning around the graffiti corner, you may surprisingly find a novel art museum or a dainty coffee shop.

Tel AvivTel Aviv

Located in the north Galilee district, Nazareth is the place where Jesus grew up and propagated Christian doctrines, as well as the homeland of the Virgin Mary. You may take a day trip to Nazareth during your time in Jerusalem. The driving time between these two cities is relatively short, at roughly 1.5 hours.

One of the most famous buildings in Nazareth is the Basilica of the Annunciation, a magnificent church built to commemorate the pregnancy of the Virgin Mary. In fact, four churches were built long ago in memory of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. The Basilica of the Annunciation, the fifth church built in 1966, has many vivid murals outlined on the white exterior wall and several statues of the Virgin Mary on the side wall. The furnishings inside are a lot of exquisite sculptures and colorful paintings of the Virgin Mary sent by different countries, which look glorious under the lights through stained glasses.


Bethlehem is famous across the world as the birthplace of Jesus. It is very close to Jerusalem. If you take a car or a bus, you can easily get there within 30 minutes. So, just take a day or just a half to explore this sacred city.

In Bethlehem, the most important building is the ancient Church of the Nativity, which was built in 339 AD to commemorate the birth of Jesus. It is said that the location where the church of the Nativity stands was the stable where Jesus was born in the past. The church, with a history spanning thousands of years, is carved with a statue of the Virgin Mary and a fourteenth star on the outer wall. Many murals and mosaics depicting Christian stories can be found inside the church. It is an absolute shrine for Christians, as can be seen by the believers who queue up every day to visit the Fourteenth Star in the church.


Located by the Jordan River, Yardenit is a famous baptismal site where many religious believers are baptized. If you also want to be baptized, you may spend a half day visiting Yardenit.

At Yardenit's entrance, there is a sign saying, Welcome to Yardenit, the Baptismal Site on the Jordan River. In addition, there are many stone tablets sent by believers from all over the world. Booking a baptism here needs to be done in advance.

The Dead Sea is an inland lake with high salinity. This magical place, which can cause people to float in the sea, is a popular tourist destination in Israel. It's recommended to spend 1 or 2 days here to relax.

Take a car to the Dead Sea from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. On the lightly blue beach, you can see many people lying on the water, as described in the geography textbook. Lying on the Dead Sea, you don't need to do any moving; just have your body bathe in the sun and undulate freely with the waves. After that, remember to wash your body with fresh water.

In addition to the most well-known locations, Israel has many other places with beautiful landscapes and fascinating histories. If time permits, you may also explore the following sites and find them well worth visiting.

1. Explore Caesarea, an ancient Mediterranean port

Caesarea, located beside the Mediterranean Sea, is an ancient port with a history spanning more than 2000 years, built by Herod the Great in a style of ancient Roman city.

The name Caesarea means Caesar's area. Its ancient buildings were built of stone bricks. After thousands of years of washing by waves, mottled holes are left on the stones. Some buildings have collapsed, and others have been submerged in the rising water. Despite the ruins of Caesarea, a glimpse of the glorious ancient city could still be caught reflecting the history of the ancient Judaean and Roman empires.

2. Enjoy the peaceful sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee is the largest freshwater lake in Israel, as well as the second home of Jesus.

Jesus began to preach in his hometown of Nazareth, but when he came to the beautiful Lake of Galilee, his doctrines were greatly welcomed by people there. The Bible records many stories of Jesus happening in the Sea of Galilee.

This vast, blue lake is in a peaceful setting of green mountains and residential houses. Taking a boat on the lake, you'll see varied shapes of clouds high in the sky, and people on the bank coming and going busily. The lake also has rich fisheries. You may try its delicious grilled fish, which is called St. Peter's fish by the locals.

3. Explore the ancient Jaffa city

Jaffa is one of the oldest ports in the Mediterranean. Walking in Yafa's streets, you'll see ancient houses made of bricks everywhere. Interestingly, the streets and house numbers in Yafa are named after the twelve constellations. Try to find your constellation here in an early morning ramble, which is quite an interesting thing. Jaffa is also a place that gathers many Israel artists, so you can see occasional art exhibitions here.

4. Visit the hanging Bahai garden

Haifa is located in northern Israel. Its most famous spot is the hanging Bahai Garden. Its most famous spot is the Bahai Garden, built on a mountain with a total of 19 floors. Each floor is a small garden filled with various green plants, fragrant flowers, and beautiful marble fountains. From a distance, it looks like a garden hanging in the air. On the top is a white palace with a golden roof, which is the tomb of the Bahai prophet. Bahai advocates all religious beliefs of the same origin, and this verdant garden is also a religious center for Bahai believers.

5. Visit the Mount of Temptation in Jericho

Jericho, located in the Jordan Valley, is 48 kilometers away from Jerusalem. There is the famous Mount of Temptation, a yellow, dry mountain where Jesus experienced the temptation of evil.

According to the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus successfully withstood the temptation of Satan on this mountain for forty days, and then returned to Nazareth to begin his preaching. There is a cable to the top of the mountain. When the cable slowly rises, you can overlook the oasis of Jericho surrounded by dry earth. Then you can see a monastery and small caves on the mountain, where the former Christians had monasteries.

The visit to Jericho, like the tough monachism itself, offers neither sensory pleasure nor satisfaction for desires. As a holy place representing the Christian faith, what it brings is a vibration to the soul.

Israel, despite being a small country, has a pleasant natural environment and countless religious treasures. If you are a pious believer in one of the three major religions, visiting the religious center of Jerusalem will surely bring you a strong sense of belonging. If you are a Christian, seeing the ancient cities where Jesus was born and preached will absolutely touch your feelings. Visitors interested in religious culture can also learn more about religion at the Jerusalem shrine, enjoy the artistic city of Tel Aviv with its blue beaches and warm sunshine, and have fun with floating experience on the Dead Sea. Being interested? Then come and explore more about Israel!

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