Tips for the Holi Festival Celebrations 2024

There are many names for the Holi festival, the festival of color, love or spring, which makes the festival of Holi with different hopes and wishes, so the grand celebrations have attracted visitors from all over the world. Before joining the festival, here are some tips for you, hope you can find your clue to take fully enjoy the Holi festival.

Holi is usually a 2-day festival with different celebrations. Taking the upcoming Holi 2024 as an example, before the official coloring on March 25, there is also a grand bonfire celebration on the night of the last day, March 26.

After gathering firewood, crops and the statue of the demon Holika, people will light a bonfire and burn the demon statue under the full moon. Although it is a religious ritual, you can still feel the lively atmosphere through the vibrant dancing and singing. It is also a symbol of good luck to pick some ashes from the bonfire. If you have more time and want to take full advantage of the festival, it is always advisable to arrive early.

There are always different meanings for the various color, and so does the festival of color, Holi. Of course, you can choose the powder of your favorite to join the painting, but with the special meaning of the color, the blessing celebrations could be more unforgettable.

Blue is the color of the god Krishna, one of the main protagonists of the festival's origin story, which makes blue can represent not only the blessing of god as well as the start of love. Fresh green is still the symbol of rebirth and new life, bright yellow icon happiness and joy, while the red one stands for romance, marriage, and fertility.

It is quite vivid that people at the celebrations are both the painter as well as the drawing board during the Holi Festival because you will never know where the colors are coming from. You may be colored from your hair to your toes, so put on your easy cloth there without worrying about washing it off. Also, it is better to prepare some clothes and pants with quick-drying materials, considering that it will be uncomfortable if you get wet during the festival. For shoes, it is enough to prepare flip-flops or sandals.

Another idea is to wear white, like the drawing board. Taking off the cloth after the celebration can be one of the most memorable souvenirs of your Holi festival experience. Just see what kind of picture it can be. In addition, because these powders stick to the body and the color is not easy to wash off after being drenched with water or sweating, it is also a good choice to wear a cheap skin trench coat if you don't mind the heat. In short, do not be afraid if your equipment is too exaggerated, resulting in alternatives, safety is always the first.

As a whole-day celebration represents equity and peace, the uninterrupted color "fight" could be out of your imagination. Apart from the dry powder, there are also water guns and water balls to use during the celebrations. Although almost all the color powders are good for the body and skin, there will still be some irritation when the color water or powder is in your eyes, nose, and mouth. Therefore, masks and fully shielded wind-proof glasses are essential items.

During the festival, there will be all kinds of splashing water in addition to colored powder, so you need to prepare waterproof equipment. If you need to take things to the streets, a drift bag is a good choice. You can put a waterproof bag on your mobile phone and use it at any time, which is very convenient. Because the Holi festival site is noisy and crowded, cameras are not recommended to be brought there. If you want to bring it, please make sure you give your camera a full set of protection in advance.

During the festival, some people will be various forms of approaching women. They usually put colored powder on women's faces or take photos with their shoulders and so on. If you don't want to, you need to stop them immediately and shout at them, and they usually won't make any further moves. Therefore, it is recommended that women should not go out alone to celebrate the festival of Holi, it is better to go in a group and even better to have a male companion.

Some of the locals will take drinks mixed with hallucinogenic ingredients during the Holi festival, so as a tourist, try to drink only packaged drinks during this period and avoid street drinks. Locals who drink hallucinogenic beverages are more active, and some may be a little aggressive. If you encounter a particularly active local, try not to interact too much with each other and walk away as quickly as possible.

Being well prepared is always a good start to your next trip, especially for the Holi festival with its grand celebrations! If the vibrant festival atmosphere is your preference, take these tips, make your packing list and start your India tour with Odynovo.

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