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Why Travel to Greece

To get an inside glimpse of history and art with Hellenistic and Roman styles, you must go on a Greece vacation. This paradise-like place offers everything for travelers. Just thinking about your Greece tour, you may wander through "the cradle of western civilization" - Athens; admire the Erechtheion and the most famous Parthenon in the spectacular Acropolis architecture complex; watch the Changing of the Guard at Syntagma Square; salute the magnificent archaeological sites in Delphi as well as the stunning Byzantine monasteries in Meteora. Also, you may enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty and soak up a relaxing ambiance in cosmopolitan Mykonos and romantic Santorini...How wonderful it is!

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These private Greece vacations are crafted by our destination experts who have traveled there before. Send a free inquiry and get a Greece tour tailored all around you with a 1:1 travel expert's service.

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Get to know the Cradle of Western Civilization and how its influence spread across Mediterranean countries first and the whole continent afterward. Check out our multi-country tours including Greece or let our specialists customize a trip for you according to your preferences and budget.

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Best Places to Visit in Greece


With a history of over 3,000 years, regarded as the "cradle of Western civilization", Athens is definitely the highlight of any Greece vacation. The place is also the birthplace of European philosophy, which has had a significant influence on world cultures. Many historical giants such as Socrates and Plato were born here, making the city regarded as the birthplace of democracy. The Parthenon atop the Acropolis of Athens, recognized as a symbol of Western civilization, is among the many numerous works of art still in Athens. The first Summer Olympics were also held here, making it the city that gave birth to the modern Olympic Games.


    The world-renown tour destination in the Aegean Sea boasts romantic settings, natural landscapes, and villages standing out for sugar-cube dwellings. But you might not be aware of its volcanic origins, which result in its crescent shape, and its black, red, and white rocks.

  • Crete Island

    Both cities are popular areas of the magnificent island of Crete. While the latter is an excellent spot to learn about the Minoans, one of Europe's earliest civilizations, with museums and art displays; the former is renowned for its labyrinthic alleys and stunning Venetian houses.


    One of the most significant monastic complexes of the Greek Orthodox is located in this once-inaccessible area. Though faced with tremendous challenges, ancient monks constructed monasteries one after another to live in seclusion and discipline themselves toward godliness.

  • Delphi

    Being dedicated to the Greek god Apollo, this ancient sacred site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the Oracle at Delphi delivered future predictions. The Delphi Museum, Omphalos (navel of the earth), and the Temple of Apollo are the main tourist attractions in this area.

Inspirations about Traveling to Greece

Ah, Greece! The name alone conjures images of sun-kissed shores and ancient ruins whispering tales of glory. But wait, there's so much more to this Mediterranean gem than meets the eye. Our collection of lively and informative articles serves as your personal guide, offering a treasure trove of experiences in this land where mythology and reality blend seamlessly.

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