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Food Tours

Culinary Travels to Gastronomic World

With subtle design and the ideal arrangements for your tastes and needs, your culinary journey with Odynovo can be more than just a feast for the eyes. Take a stroll along the vibrant night street in the old quarter of Vietnam to find the specialty with the local flavor, put on a kimono to savor the delicate taste of wagashi and the authentic Japanese tea culture, visit the old French chateau at your own pace with its fresh grape yard and wooden barrels to taste the aroma of wine and champagne, or much more you would like to try on this exotic journey.

Get inspired by the featured food & wine itineraries from our travel experts and let your trip not only with exquisite cuisine as well as the sights and sounds of the country.

Best-Selling Food Tours

Whether you want to learn how to make sushi in Tokyo, taste traditional Nyonya cuisine in Malacca, or enjoy a traditional Pachamanca feast in Cusco, our food tours are carefully curated and can be tailored to your preferences.

Hand-Picked Wine and Food Tours

From the romantic streets of Paris to the stunning vineyards of Bordeaux, and from the majestic mountains of Switzerland to the world-renowned chocolate factories, these tours offer a unique and unforgettable experience for food and wine lovers. Check our crafted tours below and treat them as inspiration, as each trip can be customized based on your unique tastes and interests.

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Why Food Tour with Us

The delicacy of service, detail, and culture

  • Personalize Trips with All Your Needs
    Personalize Trips with All Your Needs

    Create your own itinerary with our specialist, see what you want, and taste what you like. Identify your favorite flavors so that every bite is a delight to your taste buds; mix and match the itinerary rationally so that every meal is full of freshness; an exotic food hunt with unknown tastes to explore the street and the city; an inspiration for a longer stay to enjoy the delicacies that you would like to fill your stomach with, make your subtle food journey be as flexible as you like.

  • Authentic & In-depth Gourmet Experiences
    Authentic & In-depth Gourmet Experiences

    Enjoy the classic Kaiseki cuisine in the delicate dry garden to meet the Japanese elegance; visit the ethnic family with their local traditions and special cooking style and taste. Your journey with Odynovo is about total immersion in authentic taste as well as a cultural experience. From picking ingredients in a bustling marketplace to enjoying the magic show of the transformation of ingredients into delicacies, even following the local cooking class to reveal the secret recipe of great taste; witness the change and iteration of the art of brewing, follow the chef's story behind the dishes. Let the journey satisfy your mouth and eyes, taste buds, and curiosity.

  • Featured Selection for Worry-Free Taste
    Featured Selection for Worry-Free Taste

    Every process of your travel planning will be a good design. Eliminate factors that may trigger your allergies, healthy tips according to your physique, real-time health tracking to maintain a good appetite, and a rigorous selection of restaurants to make your culinary journey hassle-free. The street cantina favored by locals with an authentic touch or the masterpieces of starred restaurants showcases the most classic flavors of places, each bite to your taste well selected by our travel expert.

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