Croatia Tours

Croatia Tours

Experience the Mediterranean Port Cities and Towns

Why Travel to Croatia

From historic old towns and incredible beaches to pristine parks and homegrown wine, there's a never-ending list of reasons to visit Croatia. Walk along the city walls of Dubrovnik, the 'Pearl of the Adriatic'; marvel at the thundering waterfalls in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, explore the caves and hidden beaches of Hvar Island, ride the funicular to Gornji Grad in Zagreb, and visit the stunning Diocletian's Palace in Split. In every corner of Croatia, we take you to, a delightful memory will have you hooked.
    CAPITAL Zagreb
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Croatia Tours

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Best Places to Visit in Croatia


The coastal city, which boasts stunning scenery and a comfortable temperature, is the largest tourist destination in Croatia. It was constructed in the 7th century and acted as a crucial transit point for east-west trade. Despite hundreds of years of vicissitude, its medieval buildings still exist, such as the symbolic three-kilometer-long city wall. Along with the picturesque surroundings and elegant buildings, there is an annual large party that you should not miss - the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, which features performances of music, theatre, dance, and film. You are welcome to take part if you visit in the summer.

  • Diocletian's Palace

    Split is one of Croatia's oldest cities with a more than 1,700-year history. A stroll around Diocletian's Palace provides a window into the heyday of the Roman Empire. It's also regarded as a hub of Croatian culture, offering many museums and galleries for visitors to study.

  • St. Mark Church

    Zagreb is the political center as well as the largest city in Croatia, with famous tourist spots like Gornji Grad, St. Mark Church, Lotrscak Tower, and the funicular ride. There is also no shortage of leisure places, such as food markets, cozy cafe shops, and lush green spaces.

  • Plitvice Lakes National Park

    The town is known for its Plitvice Lakes National Park, whose iconic highlights are the natural levees formed from gypsum, and a series of lakes, caves, and waterfalls developed from levees. Besides the fantastic landscape, it’s also home to bears, wolves, and many endangered birds.

  • City Walls and Gates

    The urban layout of Zadar is established in the Roman era. Despite being bombarded during World War II, some structures were left standing, including castles, fortifications, churches, and The Land Gate, which is considered one of the finest monuments of the Renaissance.

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