Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Winner 2023
Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Winner 2023
Costa Rica Private Tours

Costa Rica Tours

Bespoke & Private | Discover the Charm of Natural Paradise

Why Travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica contains all the key ingredients of the ideal tour destination, and the number of visitors increases each year. With countless natural attractions and rich biodiversity, this nature lover's paradise offers forests, volcanos, waterfalls, and 800 miles of coastline filled with splendid beaches along the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Whether exploring Poa Volcano's steaming blue crater pool or spotting monkeys and iridescent butterflies at the Manual Antonio Nature Park, Costa Rica will impress you from the first minute. It's 'Pura Vida'!
    CAPITAL San José
    CURRENCY Costa Rican Colón
    LANGUAGE Spanish

Costa Rica Private Tours

The following are some popular Costa Rica trips picked by our clients. You can choose one for a quick quote or let our travel expert design a unique itinerary for you.

Latin America Tour Including Costa Rica

With our tailor-made service, it is easy and hassle-free to plan a multi-country tour that fit your tastes and budget.

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Why Private Tour

A journey exclusively for you and your party
  • Travel with Much More Flexibility
    Travel with Much More Flexibility
    For a private tour, it is you to decide when to travel, where to go, and what to do, with a personal guide taking care of every detail. Whether you prefer to explore more incredible attractions or would like to skip some sites you are not interested in during travel, just let your guide know and he or she will modify the schedule so as to suit your desires the most!
  • Stay and Eat as You Wish
    Stay and Eat as You Wish
    We know that it's incredibly important to eat and sleep well while traveling. And that's why we spend time evaluating every destination and hand-pick so many wonderful hotels and restaurants with excellent style for you to freely choose from. Our purpose is simple - to fulfill your dream travel, and at the same time let you feel comfortable as at home.
  • Vacation with Your Dearest or Nearest
    Vacation with Your Dearest or Nearest
    Along with this, it is you to decide who joins in on the journey. This affords you privacy and increases the comfortability factor greatly. For some special occasions like a honeymoon, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, celebrating retirement, or traveling with your beloved kids or elderly parents, a private tour might specifically be the best option.

Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano

The park has a distinctive jungle scenery because it is located in a tropical climate zone with high temperatures and copious rains. The two active volcanoes, Arenal and Chato, make up the majority of the park. As the nation's most active volcano, Arenal Volcano is a must-visit on a Costa Rica tour. Its massive cone-shaped crater is clearly seen for several kilometers in all directions. La Fortuna Falls, with a drop of 70-75 meters and a location at the base of Chato Volcano, is another well-known attraction in the park. Visitors can ascend the steps to take photos of the falls from above and swim in the waterhole in front.

  • Manuel Antonio
    The site is one of the most popular parks in Costa Rica. Various rare species found in zoos, such as Howler, squirrel, spider, and white-faced monkeys, two-toed and three-toed sloths, coatis, anteaters, ocelots, iguanas, and boa constrictors, can be seen under guidance.
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest
    At an elevation of 1,700 meters and a year-round humidity level of nearly 100%, this rainforest has become the home of numerous rare plants. Why not cleanse your mind by slowly taking in the colorful orchids, bromeliads, ferns, vines, and moss along the trails and bridges?
  • Tamarindo Beach
    Previously a peaceful fishing village, it is today tourist heaven, famous for white sand and crystal-clear water, attracting couples, families, and tourists from all over the globe. The place is also a popular destination for those who want to kayak, fish, and stand-up paddleboard.
  • Corcovado
    This area is reputed to have the greatest biological diversity on the planet. The Corcovado National Park is home to diverse birds and butterflies, while the Del Cano Island Biological Reserve allows you to see marine life and appreciate stone spheres crafted by the indigenous.
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