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Hong Kong, also known as the Pearl of the Orient, is a vibrant and multifaceted city that shows a harmonious combined culture of East and West. As an important transportation hub, Hong Kong is a popular city as a transfer station, for travelers who are going to travel in China and other Southeast Asia countries. We prepare colorful tours that choose Hong Kong as a transfer or starting site, for you to start your perfect Asia vacation.

Best China Tours From Hong Kong

Historical and cultural discovery of Beijing, whispers from ancient ruins of Xi'an, modern metropolis and elegant atmosphere of Shanghai, incredible natural landscape of Zhangjiajie... Start your splendid China tour from Hong Kong, to explore this magnificent wonderland.

Southeast Asia Discovery: Hong Kong Layover

Hong Kong is one of the best layovers for you to start a Southeast Asia tour. Immerse yourself in the lush forest of Malaysia Borneo, diving in the crystal clear sea water in Indonesia, and encounter whales and dolphins in the sea of the Philippines. Start your Southeast Asia tour!

Things to Know for Your Trip to Hong Kong

Unlock the secrets to a remarkable Hong Kong journey! From visa know-hows to local customs, here are some insider travel guides by local experts to have you covered, ensuring your vacation in Hong Kong is seamless and unforgettable.

  • Do I Need A Visa for Hong Kong Visiting?
    As a charming destination, Hong Kong attracts the attention of visitors from all over the world. Best of all, most visitors can travel to Hong Kong without a visa to enter. However, there are still some requirements to fulfill before you set off.
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  • When Is The Best Time to Visit Hong Kong
    It would be tricky to discuss the best time to visit Hong Kong. The city has much to offer, despite the time. Here, we recommend the highlights at different times of the year in Hong Kong. Check out and have a nice trip just based on your favorites.
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  • Hong Kong vs Tokyo: Which One to Visit?
    Hong Kong and Tokyo often appear in the media as representative Asian cities, embodying a bustling, fast-paced, and mysterious image. However, they possess distinct cultural heritages and tourist offerings. Here is an article for some inspiration.
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  • How Many Days to Spend in Hong Kong
    Hong Kong stands as one of Asia's vibrant transportation hubs, blending Eastern and Western cultures, while offering visa exemptions to most Western visitors. Wondering how long to stay in this dynamic city? This article has the answers.
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  • Where to Stay in Hong Kong
    Where to stay in Hong Kong? Just check out this article. Hong Kong’s districts vary widely in ambiance, from modern skyscrapers to bustling markets and upscale shopping areas. Your choices of accommodation area can shape your experience.
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  • Hong Kong Travel Guide
    Effortlessly plan your Hong Kong getaway with this all-encompassing travel guide! Discover the best time to visit, top experiences, recommended visit duration, visa information, transportation details, preferred areas to stay, packing tips, and more.
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  • Top 15 Attractions to Visit in Hong Kong
    Explore must-visit gems handpicked by our local experts, from iconic spots like Victoria Harbour and Stanley Market to emerging treasures such as West Kowloon Cultural District and Hong Kong Museum of Art. Find your perfect destinations right here!
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    Frequently Asked Questions of Hong Kong

    • Do I Need a Visa to Hong Kong?

      Travelers from over 170 countries can enter Hong Kong for 7 to 180 days without a visa.

      U.S. citizens do not need a visa to visit Hong Kong, except if they are going to stay in Hong Kong for over 90 days. This policy is the same for citizens from Australia and Canada. For UK citizens, you can stay up to 180 days in Hong Kong without a visa.

    • When Is the Best Time to Visit Hong Kong?

      Hong Kong is suitable to visit all year round. The best time, as most travelers may pick for Hong Kong, is from October to December because the weather is mild and dry. Hong Kong in Spring (from March to May) is humid and warm, so it is considered another peak season in Hong Kong.

    • How Many Days in Hong Kong is Enough?

      3 days in Hong Kong is enough to visit most hot spots. One day for Hong Kong island, one for Kowloon, and one for other attractions. 5 days can visit Hong Kong more deeply to some off-the-beaten attractions, or visit some museums and galleries to learn the history and culture of Hong Kong.

    • What Are the Official Languages of Hong Kong?

      Chinese and English are both commonly spoken in Hong Kong. Generally, English is used more frequently for official purposes. For daily life, staff of banks, hotels, restaurants, and hot attractions can speak fluent English.

    • Why Choose Hong Kong as a Stopover?

      Because of the strategic location of Hong Kong International Airport in East Asia, Hong Kong is a popular city for travelers to transfer from here to other Southeast Asian countries. It is an important hub for flights between Europe, the U.S., the UK, and many hot destinations in Asia.

      Moreover, flights transit in Hong Kong provides more options but at lower prices most of the time.

    • Can I Drink Tap Water in Hong Kong?

      Tap water is safe to drink according to Hong Kong. However, local citizens usually drink tap water that has boiled. We recommend you drink bottles of water during your Hong Kong tour for health.

    • How to Pay in Hong Kong?

      The official currency of Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). Cash, debit and credit cards and mobile wallets can be used in Hong Kong.

      Cash is usually used for paying for meals in small restaurants and street foods. Prepare some cash always won't be wrong.

      Debit cards and credit cards are widely accepted in Hong Kong, but you may be charged foreign transaction fees.

      Mobile wallets are the most recommended way to pay in Hong Kong for convenience. WeChat Pay, Alipay, Octopus Card, Apple Pay, and PayPal can be accepted in Hong Kong.

      One of the most common physical payment methods in Hong Kong is Octopus Card. It can be accepted by most convenience stores, public transportation, restaurants, and more. You can find it sold by most stores, and at the end of your tour, your remaining value and deposit can be refunded.

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