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Cambodia, an ancient and mysterious country. Admittedly, it is poor and undeveloped; nevertheless, it is pure and sublime. Travel in Cambodia just likes a project to excavate out its history under the ruins.

Tour the mysterious Angkor Wat, you will be dazzled by the architectural grandeur and bas-reliefs; visit the stately Banteay Srei, you will be intoxicated with miraculous carvings; sightsee the quiet Tonle Sap Lake, you will be amazed by the spectacular sunset...

With an easy tailor-made tour itinerary, follow Odynovo to pull away Cambodia’s mysterious veil.

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Most Popular Cambodia Tours 2022 & 2023

  • Angkor Wat Angkor Wat Tour
    4 Days | Angkor Thom ・ Bayon Temple ・ Elephant Terrace ・ Angkor Wat ・ Banteay Srei ・ Ta Prohm Temple ・ Tonle Sap Lake
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  • Angkor Temples Cambodia Discovery
    8 Days | Angkor Temples in Siem Reap ・ Battambang ・ Phnom Penh Royal Palace ・ Killing Fields of Choeung EK
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  • Angkor Temples Best of Cambodia
    6 Days | Angkor Temples ・ Royal Palace ・ Killing Fields of Choeung Ek ・ Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
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  • Tonle Sap Lake Classic Cambodia with Mekong Cruise
    10 Days | Angkor Temples ・ Tonle Sap Lake and Floating Village Visit ・ Cruise on Mekong River ・ Royal Palace ・ National Museum ・ Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum ・ Wat Phnom ・ Central Market
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  • Ultimate Cambodia: Culture & Beach
    11 Days | Angkor Thom ・ Angkor Wat ・ Banteay Srey ・ Ta Prohm ・ Ta Keo ・ Bayon Temple ・ Cruise on Tonle Sap Lake ・ Koh Rong Island ・ Royal Palace ・ National Museum ・ Wat Phnom ・ Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum ・ Killing Fields
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Posts on Cambodia

  • Phnom Bakheng Temple, Siem Reap Cambodia Useful Things to Know for Traveling to Cambodia
    Cambodia is full of amazing sights waiting for your arrival. Like any holiday, it is important to get well prepared. Here is a guide with practical travel tips to tell what you may need to know for traveling to Cambodia.
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  • Amazing sunset view of the Angkor Wat Top 10 Facts About Angkor Wat That Will Blow Your Mind
    No visit to Cambodia is complete without visiting Angkor Wat. Big tree roots strangle many temples, and exquisite bas-reliefs tell ancient stories. Step back in time with 10 mind-blowing facts about Angkor Wat - a religious monument said to be the largest one on earth.
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  • Cambodian food Cuisine from the Cambodian Kitchen
    Like most of the countries in this part of the world, Cambodia has taken culinary influences from its immediate neighbors, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, as well as further afield. China has had a great impact on the Cambodian menu and France has left its legacy from colonial times.
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  • Banteay Srei Citadel of Women Cambodia A First-Time Visitor's Guide to 10 Beautiful Temples in Cambodia
    A round-up of the best temples to see in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Battambang and Preah Vihear for first-time visitors.
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  • The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh Beyond Wats: What to Visit in Phnom Penh
    I want to talk today about something to do in Cambodia after you've done the wats and to show that there is more to the country, important though the Buddhist culture is. We are heading for the country's capital, Phnom Penh, once named "The Pearl of Asia".
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  • Angkor Wat When to Visit Cambodia
    The best time to visit Cambodia may differ from traveler to traveler depending on one's interests and purposes of visit. This post aims to offer general information on climate, high/low seasons, and festivals, and what to expect so that you can decide your ideal time to go.
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