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Why Travel to Argentina

Take an Argentina tour from north to south, and you'll find nowhere else like Argentina, which is gathered with arid deserts, tropical jungles, and Antarctic regions. A country that comprises almost the entire southern half of South America, full of natural wonders and bustling cities devoted to tango and football, mixing colonial past and modern glamour. The stunning Iguazu Falls, the stalls at San Telmo in Buenos Aires, the vineyards of Mendoza, and the Perito Moreno Glacier will be just some of the highlights of an unforgettable trip to Argentina.
    CAPITAL Buenos Aires
    CURRENCY Argentine Peso
    OCT - DEC
    LANGUAGE Spanish

Argentina Private Tours

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Best Places to Visit in Argentina

Buenos Aires
As the largest city in Argentina and its economic and cultural hub, Buenos Aires is a must-visit on an Argentina tour. In the 19th century, it attracted many immigrants from Italy and Spain, earning the moniker "Paris of South America." With the immigration wave, a dance that mixes untrammeled Spanish flamenco, the vivid beat of African jungle music, and somber tunes, emerged from the Boca area of the city, which is now the famous Argentine tango. Cultural diversity has also affected architecture, ranging from Gothic churches to Romanesque theatres and Spanish courtyards, which have been preserved to this day.
  • Iguazu Falls
    Iguazu Falls, considered the widest waterfall in the world, measured at around 4 kilometers in width, with its tides surging forward with great momentum. The falls can be heard even from 25 kilometers away. With breathtaking landscapes and diverse animals, it's ideal for boat tours or trekking.
  • Los Glacier National Park
    El Calafate is a town near the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, where the Los Glaciares National Park lies. The park is home to towering mountains, sapphire lakes, and active glaciers, where ice movement can be seen every day. Add it to your Argentina vacation, and you'll be awed by its stunning scenery.
  • Ushuaia
    The city is only 800 kilometers away from Antarctica and was once the southernmost city in the world. Tierra del Fuego National Park is the most well-known destination in the area, and riding the Train to the End of the World there is an adventure you simply must have.
  • Mendoza
    Nestling against the Andes, it's in the largest wine-producing area in Latin America, where you'll have the chance to visit more than 100 wineries. If you are up for glacial landforms, you may travel to Aconcagua, just about 70 miles away and the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere.

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