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An Africa tour will take you to the first continent where humankind came into existence and also the last great wilderness where numerous wild creatures survive. Africa is like no other on the planet. From lush tropical rainforests to green-tinged savanna, from glorious coastline to rippling dunes, from snow-crested mountains to deep-cut canyons, from dizzying wildlife to traditional tribal people, from time-honored traditions to untainted lifestyles, Africa has a hundred faces waiting for you to discover. Whether you want a thrilling wildlife safari to spot the "Big Five" in the Serengeti or witness the wildebeest migration in the Massai Mara, whether you want a relaxing sunset cruise on the Zambezi River or a leisure trekking to see the magical rainbow rising from golden mist of the Victoria Falls, our experienced travel expert will make your dream trip to Africa come true.

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Pick a well-planned Africa tour below that mixes the top destinations and experiences, such as the exciting safari, adventurous jungle trekking, and scenic river cruise. Or, send us an inquiry to customize a lifetime private trip to Africa around your interests.

Featured Safari Tours for Hot Destinations in Africa

Want to explore the best of your favorite destination in Africa? Get inspired with our crafted single-country tours to Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda and Madagascar, or contact our professional travel experts to create a unique journey just for you. Check it out now!

Hottest Africa Tour Destinations

Plenty of fascinating tour destinations spread on the land of Africa. With various wild animals, diverse exotic cultures, and breathtaking natural landscapes, each African country has its specific charm. Get inspired by the destinations with sample itineraries as the starting point of your discovery on this charming continent.

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Africa Travel Guide

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    During my recent incredible wildlife safari tour to Tanzania, what impressed me most were the magnificent sunrise view over Tarangire National Park and the three lion brothers in Serengeti. We encountered four of the Big Five game in a day!
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    From the amazing wildlife in the vast savannah to beautiful beaches in the eastern coast, Kenya is a destination you won't want to miss on a tour to Africa. To give you an idea of what this East African country has to offer, here is my list of seven...
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  • 8 Experiences You Shouldn't Miss in South Africa
    South Africa, where you can see leopards preying, lions fighting, giraffes slowly blocking your way, and waves of the Cape of Good Hope roaring, is a country that most closely resembles Africa.
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Embark on Africa Safari With Odynovo

Escape from the daily hustle and bustle to embrace nature, and connect to the deep mind of yourself. Unveil the animal kingdom, indulge in the local culture, and think about the relationship between humans and nature admist the wildlife safari journey in Africa. Here you can closely observe lions, tigers, cheetahs, zebras, and some animals you may never heard of.

Gear up for your Africa tour with Odynovo at this moment, to take a glimpse of the extraordinary country.

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